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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~13:30:47 - 13:45:47

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No, a different one, Zhanna! Zhanna! Here, let's play this one! ― This one? ― Yes. That's not much, Roma. Come on! Oh-oh-oh! If I am first... ― Roma! ― Ah! Just a second. Finish your game quick! We are going to eat! OK, Zhanna? ― Zhanna? ― Yes. Oh! You lost, Roma! ― Did you win? ― Oh yeah! Don't do that again! Roma! ― Oh-oh! ― Finish playing and come here! Zhanna, you will play later, OK? Come on! No! Oh! Zhanna! Uh-uh-uh! Yeah! Don't do that! Argh! You lost! OK, let's go eat! ― Quick! ― Wait! ― Enough, eat! ― Some more! ― Come on. Let me set it for Zhanna. I won! I won! You have only six minutes left... Enough, Zhanna! You can play by yourself. Roma will eat and come later. Come on, let's go eat! ― Zhanna, play! ― Yes! ― Zhanna, quick, come and eat! ― I am coming! Quick! Zhanna, quick! Help Zhanna find a place to sit! Here! Bring it here! No. Yours is different. ― Here. ― I found it! Oh! Good! ― I'll take it now. ― Take what? Sit! I'm going to sleep. Sleep here. No! Just this one. And I... Enough, enough for me! ― Do you need a fork? ― Eh? ― Fork! Are you going to eat with a spoon? It's fine with a spoon. Serve meat! I'll bring... I won't eat meat. Are you going to drink soda? A bottle. What do you want from me? Bring glasses. Call him... Serious business... And what? Basklashka (bottle) for me! Here. I'd like some too. ― A bottle for me! And for me too! ― Yes, yes, yes! A bottle for me! A bottle for you, you, you! I'll bottle you... Let me open it so the foam does not come out. Come on, eat! And you were not there... Yeah? Don't rock! Sit still! If I get more, more drink I will. More, more, more, more! Haven't you had enough? ― How come you have such a small cup? ― That's what they gave me! ― Should I get you another one? ― No, it's OK. ― Would you like some more? ― Yeah. See how much I got! Roma did not get enough! Give him some more! More, more, more, more! More, more! That's all! Enough! And for me! Eat, Zhanna! Eat! Would you eat a little bit of meat? ― She doesn't want it! ― Horrible! I don't want it! I don't want it! So, don't eat it if you don't want to! No need to be so hysterical! I can only drink juice. I can only drink juice. What's up with you? Come on, eat! What about her? Why should I eat? Why aren't you eating? What did you get? What did you get? I'd like some more soup. ― Why aren't you eating meat? ― I don't want any. ― Why don't you want any? ― I want it tomorrow, I don't want it today. You want it tomorrow, but tomorrow is gone. Huh? ― Why aren't you eating? ― I don't want to. Did he tell you to go away? ― What are you doing? ― Eat! What are you doing? This soda... Are you OK? You could put a piece of meat in there too! Zhanna, you will play later. I'll set it here out of good manners, otherwise... Until you finish eating, you won't... Make her life more interesting! Braid her hair or something like that. Otherwise, it's all the same. She should go home to play with Lego. I wanted to go with her. Should I come with her? Just tell that to her... Zhanna! OK? Go home after lunch to play with Lego, OK? It's all been the same since this morning. ― It's not interesting! ― You can play in the evening! It's not interesting, is it? OK? I'll tell her father. He'll straighten her out. Zhanna, you'd better go, otherwise they'll tell your father. Are you going home in the evening? ― Will you go with me? ― Father is coming! Now dad is going to.... Will you braid my hair, Zhanna? Only a ponytail. ― And "kolosok braid"? ― Huh? ― "Kolosok braid". They'll do your braid nicely. ― Vasya will do the braid for you! ― Yes. I'll braid you with a comb and scissors! ― No! ― Yes! ― With scissors? ― I'll cut your hair. And I'll make you bald! And I'll do that. Just like that. We are going to Shymkent to get money. I want to play tennis here. Wait, wait, you play tennis a lot, wait your hair. Let me take your hair. ― No. not a lot. ― Now, now, when we leave, play something else. Because... Because, you have already played a lot. You will play much more tomorrow. Do you understand? Don’t be difficult. Where is Ilyas? ― He is playing there. ― Ilyas, come here. And you, Roma, listen to what others tell you! Understood? Show some care… Ilyas, we are leaving now to Shymkent. Money has come. ― Money has come. ― Huh? ― Play with Zhanna. ― Yes. ― Don’t play tennis. Do you understand? ― Is that clear? ― Yes. Roma, is it clear? You should listen to everyone. ― You are going? ― Yes. ― Why didn't you tell me? ― Maybe. Wipe it little bit? ― Yes. Do it quick! Just outside. Is he going to sleep? Roma? Yes. Yes, Roma? Roma, after lunch you are going to sleep! You'd better sleep! And you, girl, Ilyas will do your hair, do you understand? ― Understand? Say. ― Yes. ― That you understood. You will not stay alone. With a lot of people, OK? Did you do your lessons? ― Stretch. ― What happened? ― Why? ― Will I move it by air? ― Cannot? ― I can. He'll show you. ― I want that too. ― Later! Whose is it? I'm sleeping. ― And... was late for class. They did not let him in. ― Why? I went to the bathroom. Uncle Kairat, you know, he was sitting like that writing... Pour some more for me! Your cup is full, Zhanna! ― Enough, enough, enough! ― Enough! Enough! Don’t watch TV, OK? She said, "You, a good boy, have changed"... You've changed? Who says? Who says? A teacher? Changed for the worse! Well she told him "You were late once". I can see that something's not right. He hangs out behind the school. ― What are you doing there? ― He also talks to girls on the phone! Phone calls are OK. Do you know my belt? Watch out. You've just seen the belt, you haven't felt it yet! If you keep behaving like that, you'll feel it. ― We'll see... ― Behaving like what? There'll be belt marks. ― Daddy, can I play once with Renat? ― Just once, that's all! ― I'll cut it! ― Will you cut it? Zhanna, only one time! Then, you'll play something else. OK? And also, fix your hair! ― I can do braids myself. ― Go to the bathroom! ― Look, I have a braid! ― Ha! What a braid she has! Ella will make it nice. Right, Zhanna? Yeah.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 3, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 13:30-13:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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