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video plane

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Behind me that's the body of the plane and it's chasis as well and right over here that's one of the planes engines. I'ts apparently burned, apparently mealted. I cannot say weather this took place upon impact or happened up in the air, that's up to investigators to determine and they're studing all of the options available at the moment. Meanwhile, the search operation of the russian emergencies ministry continues here in the Sinai desert. Right now the team is going over a larger pieces of the aircrapt once again hoping to find anymore personal items that could possibily carry crases of DNI that would help with the identification process later or now, we've been involved with the team from day one and have already covered an area of over fourty square kilometers. No official results of the investigation into the cost of the crash up been Whatever the tv channel France 2 sitting a source close to the official prope reports that the blackbox is recorded the sound of an explosion and it is not the follow one of any engine failure. The US govenment has said it's expects the plane was exploted by a bomb but has not gone this far as to cancel flights to and from Egypt. The United States still has not made an own determination about the cause of the incident and you know what we can rule anything in or out, we have to consider a possibility of potential terrorist involvement here. An ended speculation over a possible bomb on board the Russian gerent is one of several theories currently doing arround.

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Posted by: mnnica on Nov 12, 2015

video plane

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