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2908 How to carry out a

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Diabetes can cause you to lose sensation in your feet. This means you won't feel pain if you cut or injure your feet in any way. If you do injure your foot there is a risk that an ulcer can will develop. Even though ulcers are painful, you won't feel anything if you have poor sensation. And if left untreated, your foot, leg or life may be at risk. So, it is important to know whether you are losing sensation in your feet. The Touch the Toes Test allows you to test how good the sensation in your feet is. You can do this at home. All you need is a willing assistant! To begin, take your shoes and socks off and lie on a bed or sofa. It is now time for your assistant to take over. Firstly, close your eyes and keep them closed throughout the test. Your assistant must gently touch six of your toes in the order demonstrated here. You must say ‘Yes’ each time they touch a toe. It is important that your assistant touches your toes with their index finger and only touches the tip of the toe as lightly as a feather. They should touch it briefly, for only one or two seconds. And they shouldn’t prod, poke, tap or stroke the skin. It should be a brief, light touch. Each time you feel one of your toes being touched you must respond by saying “yes”. Your assistant should make a note on a piece of paper each time they touch a toe. They should write Y for “yes” each time you respond correctly. But if you don’t respond to their touch, they should write N for “no”. Remember to keep your eyes shut. You only have one chance and cannot try again. Once the test is done, you can look at the results together. If you have answered correctly five or six times, then your sensation is normal. This means you should feel pain if you injure your foot, and are less likely to develop an ulcer. You should still do your daily foot check and attend your annual foot check up. If you have two or more ‘No’s', you have impaired sensation. This means you may not feel pain if you injure your feet, and are at risk of developing an ulcer. You should therefore make an appointment with your GP for more thorough testing. Your GP will then refer you to the diabetes specialist podiatrist, the foot protection team, or the diabetes foot clinic, depending on how severe your situation is.

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2908 How to carry out a "Touch the Toes test" for Patients and Carers

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