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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:30:42 - 12:45:42

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One more. One more. It's, it's me, I'm a dolphin. It's not a dolphin. It is so... Like this, give me these. Here! I did it. I also have the charged one. ― Wow, I have the main controller. Tennis? ― Yes. Two players. "A". ― There were some batteries. ― I don't have any. I'll do it twice. ― Let's do boxing. ― There is no boxing. I want to play. Just don't use my person. Don't use mine. I am not trying to select yours. Good thing we didn't pick mine. Just don't let my person down. Let's make a person. A little person. Only I will do it twice, OK? Dzhykusty will say, "Wow, it's me!" ― We will say it to Dzhykusti. ― Let's. Let's. ― Just a second, I will get the disc out. Want Batman? ― Yes. How about Batman? There is... Then batteries won't die. Batman. Back... So... I am tired of that. ― Are you going to switch from the nun chuck? ― No, I want to play, too. What? I am going to do yours. I will make two of those. There. My controller wasn't working. ― There! ― I want this one. Just follow me, OK? If I am Batman, it means you need to follow me. ― It doesn't matter. ― No, it does matter, Zhanna. ― If you play with this one, it doesn't matter then, right? ― Yes. If the batteries are dead, then you don't matter. There, leave it, let the opening finish. Stop it here. I hope I am there, I hope I am there, I hope I am there. ― Zhanna, come on, press the button. ― I am pressing it. I am pressing this one. ― The batteries died. ― Don't I have the batteries? Let it go. Here, this one is a mean one. There, I am a good guy. These are bad, right? ― Just a second, I'll tell you. ― Ah, there. ― The best one. ― Yeah, the easiest one. You can kill him immediately, right? Well, after he climbs that. Come on, go. ― Do you have the batteries? ― Yes. ― Is the light on? ― No. I am just playing. I got them. Somebody is coming. You've taken enough candles already, Roma. There are still a few... Do you need more? I need to get a lot of these. Why is she not climbing it? He ran away quickly. I'll hit him, till he's toast. Like this. They will throw it to him, right? Get rid of this one. I wasted him just like this. Hey, hey, how can I protect him? Sit down, like this. How can you climb there? Get the batteries over there. I don't have them yet. I bet they haven't been charged yet. Want to bet? Did you... There, he did it with a kick. He just killed him in the head. ― Who did that? ― You did. ― Not me. ― I just said it to you. There! He did it with a kick. ― Here. Take the control. ― Which one is me? You have... Press this one. There! There! Just walk behind me. ― Let's go. ― I am coming. Go! All of this is for Batman, Zhanna. Don't press it. This outfit is for Batman, right? And this money is for you, too, right? Well, did they get charged? Yes? ― No, just one. No, here's another. ― Let's go to our house. This is your house! Your batmobile is there, you know. ― What? ― Your batmobile. ―That's right. That was cool. ― How can I climb my house? ― To get there? ― Yes. I can do it. You go like this. This is your house. Where is my house? ― I can get you there. ― OK, that's it. He left. You will be there with Robin. How did Robin climb up there? Those batteries... A different outfit. Hey, Zhanna, look at the outfit I have. ― This is not for me. ― For who then? These are the outfits I have? Me? ― I don't have anymore outfits? ― I don't know. Nope. I used to have a lot of outfits. Andrey probably did it. Press A. Do you want to switch your person? Walk on the magnets. Who are you? Robin? It's time to plug them in. How come I don't have an outfit? Too bad Robin's costume is not there. This is a cat. ― She is coming to you. ― Enough, Zhanna, I can't play because of this cat. You are playing with a cat anyway. Meow. Meow. I didn't see any. That's where I need to go! Stop playing with the cat. It wants to press A. ― It wants A. ― No, I am not letting it. He is not letting the white cat do it. ― Maybe the white cat will leave now. ― Huh? ― Maybe the white cat will leave now. ― No, I will play. You go play with the cat. Here comes the black cat. I know, now the black cat shows up. ― Black cats. ― Only she is bad, right? ― Yes. ― We need to kill her. ― Yes. Can I still hit her with electricity like this? Let's not kill the black cat, OK? She is pretty cool. She will get them all. How did he learn to do this? Well, on a ship. I don't know. No, they are not on a ship. Hey, get on that ship. They are stupid, huh? ― Who's Batman? ― You are. Here we get attacked by the mean one. Could you move the camera, please?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 87
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 3, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 12:30-12:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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