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Enderezo descoñecido

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Hi! I'm Fran Alonso and I want to recommend you all a book, This book: "Enderezo descoñecido" (Unknown Whereabouts.) a 'funny' (strange) book with an odd storyline. A book written by Kressmann Taylor, which isn't her real name. She was actually called Kathrine Kressmann, a woman who Publicised her book for the first time in 1938 and had to hide her real name because her editor and her husband told her that the book was too hard-hitting to be seen to be published by a woman. This book's storyline is shocking and strange. This book was written in a time when Germany saw the rise of Nazism and it tells the story of two characters: Martin and Max. Martin is a German who lives in the United States but returns to Germany in order to live the in the moment, as it says, that th nazism spreads and Max is his jewish friend. Martin wasn't a jew. He stays in the United States and the two of them maintain a friendly relationship, A personal relationship, ontop of being business partners and owners of an art gallery. Through the form of letters, the novel... very short, only 65 pages Through the letters that these two write to eachother we witness the way a change develops in the german political air or the way Nazi political thinking gains power over the whole of german social life and how this affects the relationship between both of the characters as events take a brutal turn for the worse. Because, also, the novel has a spectacular, devastating ending. The whole novel is devastating. Through words and through a few letters, (and they're no more than a few letters), she manages to create a great story a sensational piece of art that, furthermore, takles key moments in the history of humanity which Nazism and Hitlers arrival to power certainly are. Oddly enough, this novel was first published in a magazine in the Unted States. It has success, selling 50.000 copies. In that time period it was an important subject. and it was edited, a year later, in 1939, into a book format. But this book was never spoken of again and went completely unnoticed until, at the end of the 90s, about 1998 or 1999 to comemmorate the 50th anniversary of the releasing of german detention camps it was reedited in France and translated into French. But still 2 or 3 more years went by until in 2001 it was translated into German for the first time and it was only by then that the novel was a hit. In Europe it had impressive success. It sold more than 600.000 copies and is seen as a big help in understanding what happened with Nazism. When the work got this successful, its author, Kathrine Kressmann, was 91-92 years old, was a much older woman who was, obviously, delighted by the success so much so that she reclaimed the novel and relaunched it as the authoress, as a universal literature classic because this novel really is a brilliant piece of work: of very few pages, as I said; 65 pages, It presents a tense narrative that really does leave the reader astonished. It's an essential read that I, without a doubt, would recommend. I recommend you read it. --translation by awyett--

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Posted by: kuentalibros on Dec 9, 2011

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