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MCTC Writing Center Training Video Step 4

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That's great. We have this right here. And what you said to me is very similar though slightly different from what you have written here. What I heard you say is that Latinos face prejudice and that this is basically, totally supported by the government. Right? What you have here is individuals in the Latino ethnic group are under attack and it's crucial to become aware of this situation in order to find real solutions to the real problems we face today. What do you feel like the main idea is behind these problems? Fernando: Racism. Vince: Racism? Against... Fernando: Latinos, yeah. Vince: And is it validated? Fernando: Yeah. Vince: By who? Fernando: By the U.S. Government. Fernando: Okay. Could you write that down? I didn't see that written anywhere on here, so I would write that in. That's huge. Yeah, cause when you're arguing a position with a paper you really want it to be... we're supposed to care, right? Like, this is supposed to be somewhat controversial. Right? There's a mission to it. Fernando: Yeah I think it's controversial. English only movement, I'm not saying that this isn't racist or that it's not problematic, but is the government supporting this? Well they're lobbying for measures that make it hard for people that speak Spanish. Vince: Who's "they?" Fernando: The people of this movement. So they're basically like a lobby group and they have influence. Vince: Great I think this is definitely a number three then. This is totally your third point. The thing is that you have to prove that they're having influence in government. You have to prove that this sort of English only English over all sort of thinking is shaping policy in the United States. It's because: your thesis, right? So there I have that, "Their resistance to Hispanic immigration is regardless of if it's legal or illegal." Cause they're afraid of Hispanics, doesn't matter what specific means they use to arrive to this country. Vince: Do you have evidence for that? Fernando: Well... well. I guess not. Vince: I'm not saying you're wrong. I don't think you're wrong, but in a paper, an argumentative paper, a persuasive paper, in an academic context you need to be like, "This is more than about illegal immigration, this is actually about racism." And you've built a lot of stuff here, you know, with just being able to profile people, stuff like that, but we really... if you're going to build a paragraph out of this sentence, you might have to do a little bit more research.

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