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2013 Promo Video

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Leadership is a craft. Gaining mastery over our leadership skills requires intentionality. Noone drifts their way into becoming a better leader. We hone our leadership gifts by placing ourselves in intentional growth environments. If you want to be a better leader you need to go where leadership is taught. And the payoff is huge. Let me introduce you to the lineup for this year's Global Leadership Summit. I remember the day when I got an email from my daughter Shauna. She came across an author named Brené Brown. She's done research in the field of shame and guilt and how to lead by lifting people instead of shaming people. I think she is going to be one of the big surprise hits of the Summit this year. I cannot wait for her talk. Colin Powell is a reflective and thoughtful leader. He is an amazing person. I called him in hopes that he would come back live. It was one of the quickest conversations I have had with a world-class leader. He said, Bill I would love to. What are the dates? When I saw the background of a particular individual this individual had gone from being an unknown, minimum wage worker into one of the most successful Hollywood producers of our day. He is the producer of Survivor, The Voice, Shark Tank. The reason why he wanted to meet with me was because he wanted to take his money and expertise and make the name of Christ better understood and appreciated worldwide. I thought, are you kidding me? Who does this? The person I am talking about is Mark Burnett. In my opinion Andy Stanley is in the top 1% of effective pastors in the world. His wisdom comes straight from his gut. He lives it. He works in the church every day, every week, every month. We have had Andy at the Summit in the past. Every time he rings the bell. That is a look into the world-class leadership faculty that our team has put together. I have the opportunity to do the opening session. The full faculty includes Colin Powell, Andy Stanley, Mark Burnett, Oscar Muriu, Patrick Lencioni, Henry Cloud, Brené Brown, Vijay Govindarajan, Joseph Grenny, Bob Goff, Chris Brown and Liz Wiseman. You are a leader. It is your job to keep your passion hot. Do whatever you have to do, go wherever you have to go to stay fired up as a leader. See you at the Summit.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 51 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Willow Creek Association
Director: Willow Creek Association
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Posted by: landsm on Apr 26, 2013

2013 Promo Video for GLS

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