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Signature Flooring ED Ice

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[♪upbeat music playing♪] Signature Fencing & Flooring EventDeck Ice Cover Convert your ice rink into a multiuse facility and generate additional revenue throughout the year. The EventDeck ice floor cover system quickly and efficiently covers your ice-- --so you can host a variety of special events. The unique design creates a clean, seamless surface that is safe and attractive, all while protecting against damage. None of our products require any tools for assembly. Jason Frew - Stadium & Arena Sales Manager What that allows a customer and user to do is put on an event that doesn't require any specialized labor. We've thought about putting a little traction surface on the underside so that the product doesn't slide on the ice. Arnon Rosan - President & CEO None of our competitors have anything like that, so this is what really sets us apart. Durable construction and unique design will not warp, rot, or de-laminate. When installed, ED Ice forms the perfect base for seating, staging, game courts, and people-- --and it can be molded in custom colors to enhance the appearance of your facility. You literally go from early morning hockey practice-- --to a complete changeover and a breakdown in as short of a span of probably 6 to 8 hours. When we designed our ice areana product, we took a couple of important things into consideration. We knew it had to be lightweight. We knew it had to be something that connected at the seams so there wasn't a trip hazard for people. We knew that it had to be something that sat on the ice but didn't dig into the ice. So the product that you see today is really a third generation product-- --that's taken into account feedback we've gotten actually from ice rink managers. Signature is the world's largest supplier of portable flooring. Whatever your portable flooring needs, Signature has a version to meet your specific requirements. [♪upbeat music playing♪] Signature Fencing & Flooring YouHere Productions copyright 2008

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Posted by: youhere on Mar 3, 2009

An introductio to Signature Flooring's ED Ice products.

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