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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi explaining Hadith regarding Imam Mahdi 1 of 2

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Beloved Companions! Aslam-o-Alykum As you all aware that teachings of saints are being propagated from platform of this organization for more than twenty years. Due to these teachings millions of people from different sects and races, and even from varied religions are tied in this rope (relationship). For which Allah has said that “hold on tight to the rope of Allah”. Even though these people of the rope (with this relationship) are from different religions but they treat each other as brothers. Even several non-Muslims are sitting in this very gathering. Some people raise fingers on this sentence "In order to recognize God and to be able to approach the essence of God, Learn Spiritualism, no matter what religion you belong to" and says that how is it possible to learn spirituality without being in Islam? In fact spirituality is not associated with Religion. It is to awaken the souls/spiritual entities inside human body. Some people develop ability to absorb the light of Moon, Sun even Candle within them and acquire many types of abilities like telepathy, Hypnotism, mesmerism etc but this is connected with creations only. It is not possible to approach the vision of God through these abilities. Some people use to absorb the light of the name of God (Allah) within their bodies. They synchronize the name Allah Allah with their heartbeats then (Noor) the Divine Light (due to the name Allah Allah) penetrates from blood and approaches into the souls then souls get enlightened by (Noor) the light of God, then through dream or vigilance (transcendental meditation) they starts receiving holy signals and able to approach different places for stroll then these souls emerge from state of hearing and enter into the Stage of sight/vision. There those souls see who is the Prophet before whom all the saints and prophets prostrate? Then those souls too bow down before him. Neither the Pharaoh nor his followers were able to recognize Prophet Moses but those who were having the ability of magic did recognize Prophet Moses, and accepted Him as Prophet. Many people says that Gohar Shahi has declared his Prophethood and even based on this by the complaint of a maulvi (cleric) police of “Tando Adam” has submitted a Challan of 295/A in terrorism court. Whereas they do not have any written or spoken evidence against this (in their support). Some newspapers did this evildoing but later on these very newspapers published its rebuttal. Those people who without investigation or knowingly put false accusation of infidelity on anybody they themselves enter into the category of infidelity. Infidel is the one who has no faith. Even they lose their faith due to back biting; accusing falsely, greed and jealousy etc they lose their good deeds which they even remain unaware of and eventually are being declared scorned like devil. It is an incident that once Ba-Yazid Bistami (RA) came to know that a scholar does backbiting about him. He (Ba-Yazid Bistami) fixed a stipend for that scholar. For a period of time he continued to receive stipend and keep on doing backbiting about Bistami (RA). One day his wife asked him that either he should stop receiving stipend or stop doing backbiting. After that day he started praising Ba-Yazid Bistami (RA). When Bistami came to know now he is praising, he stopped his stipend. Then that scholar came to him and asked “When I used to criticize you, you fixed a stipend for me and now when I began praising you have stopped it?” Bistami (RA) replied, “Earlier you were my employee. With your baseless criticism, all my sins were replaced by your good deeds. That is why I used to give you stipend. Now why should I pay you?” Many people say that Gohar Shahi has declared to be Imam Mahdi. Even few days ago on behalf of RAGS International London also published an announcement of declaring Imam Mahdi (To His Holiness Gohar Shahi) in newspaper “Jang” London. These were the personal views of those People based on their experiences and observations which can also be true and can also be deception of eyes. Anyways, only they can answer about this. I neither considered myself Imam Mahdi nor declared any such status. But I do inform people about signs of the Imam Mahdi As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had seal of Prophethood with Kalima on His back similarly, Imam Mehdi will have a seal of Mahdihood on his back along with Kalima. But when my images on the Moon, the Sun, the Black Stone, Shiv Temple, Imam Bargahs and at several mosques were verified this phenomenon, I also suspected that maybe God would grant this status to me As there have been several such incidences were about thieves and dacoits becoming saints during course of a night. Final believe can be at the time when there will be any revelation from God and apparent & hidden saints do verify this phenomenal. People say that Gohar Shahi claimed to have his images on the moon and the Black Stone. I have not made this claim. But this claim is by God, for which I am testifying and asking people to you investigate as well. If this is from God, negation of these signs is infidelity and if we are unable to provide evidence of these signs, then I am ready for any punishment. After investigating out the matter people say that if image of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cannot appear how can anyone else’s (image) can appear? Maybe that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself put the image of any of His son so that people may learn the knowledge of Ishq (passionate love) and Love through him as Prophet Muhammad himself after teaching this knowledge, appointed Him for whole world and all religions. Some people say that images are forbidden. Just like anger is forbidden for ordinary people but when a saint, Prophet or Allah gets angry we cannot call it forbidden instead of that it is called “Jalal” Similarly pictures made by ordinary people may be forbidden but picture made with the hands of Prophet Suliman (AS), which are kept in Ark of the Covenant you even cannot declare them forbidden then, if God make someone’s image it is foolishness to have objection on it. Whereas, He is also (Al-Mussawir) Fashioner of Form and (Al-Qadir) capable of doing everything. It is also mentioned in Prophetic traditions that image of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be shown in grave. Whereas image is second name of picture. Many people believe that Imam Mehdi is somewhere in the world while regarding Dajjal these speculations are on climax that America is Dajjal. But it is also written in Prophetic traditions (hadith) that a battle will be fought between Mehdi and Dajjal. . If according to them America is Dajjal then Russia will be Imam Mahdi. I want to introduce Mahdi to the people in the light of my knowledge because as Momins (one who has light of the name of God) have been waiting for him for centuries, similarly followers of Dajjal are also anxious to kill him. Firstly, let me explain you about followers of Dajjal. Anybody who says that if ever Imam Mahdi would come in my era, he would break his legs and that country which says if really Imam Mahdi comes and declare to give prize to the person who would kill Imam Mahdi. This is because, according to Hadith such governments have fears of losing their regime to Mahdi. Government of Pakistan also has a law that if anybody who claims to be Mahdi will be put behind bars. If ever Mahdi comes in Pakistan, then he will be welcomed with the food of jail! How come the government passed that act, whereas every sect believes in coming of Mahdi. According to the government this law is for false claimant of Mehdi. Then what recognition does government has for true Mehdi? If today government abolishes this law then tomorrow in light Prophetic traditions and with full evidences and I can introduce Imam Mahdi in front of whole world otherwise, the world will at last recognize Imam Mahdi one day. Fragrance is that which itself spreads, not described by its seller It is mentioned in Hadith that Imam Mehdi's mother's name will be Amina and His father’s name would be Abdullah. There are two explanations for it. One answer is logical and the other is philosophical. It is also narrated in same Hadith (Prophetic tradition) that Antichrist would come while riding on a donkey and would be blind from one eye. If he would really come while riding on Donkey and blind from one eye we can easily recognize that he is indeed Antichrist.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 30, 2010 Internationally renowned Spiritual Personality His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to International Giarwheen Shareef Congregation in Kotri Shareef in 1999.The only way to recognize Imam Mehdi is Zikr-e-qalb.

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