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Tibet, Last Scream

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I am Eric Meyer, I am a French journalist based in Beijing. Hello, I am Laurent Zylberman. I am a photographer. I am talking to you about a project I had some 20 years ago ... ... with my friend Eric Meyer, a journalist that I met in China, when I went to live there 25 years ago. Thanks to a rare permit granted by the government,we visited the Kingdom of Snow. We saw Lhasa, Xigatze, Giantze, and not to forget the T-27 train, Beijing-Lhasa, and its world highest station at 5035m altitude. From all those elements, I wrote the book 'Tibet, last scream!' We've been asking the Chinese authorities days after days, years after years, to get this permission. And, finally, twenty years later, that's ... 20 ... years later, we get this permission in October 2008, right in the aftermath of the Tibetan riots in Lhasa. We went to see editors, we went to see publishers, to show them the story, and all of them were telling us: Maybe you should crop this picture, maybe you should cool it, revert it, from black and white to color, maybe you should change the wording, maybe you could change the baseline Our insight of the Roof of the world, does not conform with any of the 2 classical pictures of Tibet. Where are you going? Tibet is no place of a cultural genocide, nor as a social lab of Chinese socialism, but simply a society trying to emerge from a too rapid mutation which replaces its pastoral way of life for an urban life, It is a society where kids go to school, mothers to supermarkets and teenagers ... to discotheques and karaoke, like everywhere else in the world. There is also the chance of a bicultural society of the future, where the Tibetans could bring in their sense of spirituality and the Han-Chinese, their gift for materialistic organization. So, for all of those potential beneficiaries, Laurent and I thank you in advance. That's why, now, I am addressing you people at kickstarter to fund this project to help us put it up and enjoy your rewards.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 5 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Mondo Gráfico
Director: Diego Alonso
Views: 1,088
Posted by: tibet_last_scream on Nov 22, 2011

A project released at by Eric Meyer and Laurent Zylberman to raise the money to publish their fantastic new vision on actual Tibet. Already 140 people have collaborated and became part of the project. What are you waiting for? Enjoy!.
Video by: Diego Alonso - Galería Rita Castellote
Music by: Jerónimo Escajal - From "Forma lenta"

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