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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:00:05 - 12:15:05

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So, we will begin... I am going to give you your notebooks. Once you take them, I want you to make it like the board. Farah, quickly... Lara, quickly... Rami. Omar, here, Omar. Put the book in your bag, please. Rifaee, Mohammed. Amane... Reem... Nasrat. Ibrahim... Jamila. Ameen. Hadi. I think this is Samer's. Whose book is this? Mohammed Halabi; here Mohammed. Jarkas, Khaled. Come Khaled. Mohammed. Samar. Abd. Mariam. Nae'em. Nour. Mahmood, quickly. Hiba. Quickly, Ibrahim, make your notebook similar to the board. -Is Soliman absent? -Yes. Fatima. Quickly. Mohammed, where is your notebook? Search your bag, quickly. If you did not find your notebook then write on a piece of paper and copy it to your book. Ok. Make it like the board. What do you want Fatima? Yes, Rami? I will clean the board, come on. -Yes, Rami? -I lost my pen. You lost your pen? Who has a pencil? -Miss! -Hadi, give Ibrahim a pencil. Thank you, Hadi! Come on. Do not forget to leave a space in the beginning of the paragraph. Quickly, Nour, quickly. Nae'em, Come on, quickly. -Shall we begin? -Yes. Quickly, Ibrahim. I will clean the board now. -Miss! -Yes, Rami? No, I will not, I will only clean this. Come on. Leave a space at the beginning of the line and start writing. Rimi, finish writing later, once we are done with the dictation. -I have learned... -Stress the gemination -I will stress the gemination. I have learned since... since birth... Birth... to love. To love my town. My town Zahla... My town, Zahla. Comma. I grew up, I grew up... I grew up and its love... Grew up with me. Full stop. So, I will repeat the line before moving to another one. I have learned since birth... To love... No, there is no gemination on that letter. To love my town, Zahla. Comma. I grew up and its love grew up with me. -Yes, Ahmad? -Is my town right? No, my town, a long vowel, Ahmad. My town... And its love grew up with me, full stop. A new line. Let us move into a new line. - Should we leave a space? Yes, leave a space in the beginning of the line. Come on, Jamila. -Leave a space. -Miss, I forgot to leave a space! That is ok, Ibrahim. My town, my town... Is small My town is small... In space. My town is small in space. Yes, Farah? Correct. Comma. But... correct. -Can I drink? -Yes, quickly. But it combines. But it combines... Combines. The advantages... Advantages... But it combines... Yes, Jaziba? Combines the advantages of the capital. Advantages of the capital. The capital. -Is there a gemination? -No there is not, finish the word. The capital. Beirut... Beirut. And the village, and the village. Comma. Do you need me to repeat any word? Yes, Mohammed? I will repeat starting from my town. I will repeat. My town is small in space. But it is, right, good. But it combines the advantages of the capital and the village. Jamila, the village. And the village, comma. It was built, built... Yes, Reem? Correct. It was built in a green valley. It was built in a green valley. Yes, Ibrahim? Green, green. Comma, after the word green. Miss, what is after the word built? In a green valley, comma. The houses were planted... Planted, planted... Comma then planed? The houses were planted. The houses. No, there is no gemination. -Did i stress any letter? -No. -No, I did not. The houses... Yes, Mohammed? Correct. The houses were planted in a valley... sorry. On the riverbanks. The houses were planted on... -Miss. -Yes? On the riverbanks. Correct. On the riverbanks. The river. Gemination, yes, yes. Correct, Ibrahim. Comma, Comma. It rose with its red tiles Rose, correct. With its red tiles, tiles... -Red. -Rose? Rose, Fatima. What do you want, Abd? An eraser? Farah, please give him an eraser. Erase quickly. And rose with its red tiles... Red tiles. Red, red. To the hills To the hills... Until, until... It reached. Until it reached. Until it reached. Its highest. Highest. Highest. Where... Yes, Mahmood? Correct. Where, where... Where vineyards Where vineyards... And cherry gardens. Cherry gardens. Stretch. Vineyards and cherry gardens. Stretch. Full stop, end of dictation. -Until here? -Yes, draw a line. Draw a line quickly so that I can repeat the dictation. Yes? Come on. Highest. Quickly draw a line so that I can reread the paragraph. Hold the pencil to correct any wrong words. Yes, Ibrahim? Highest, correct. Look at your notebooks, I will begin reading. I have learned since birth; Fatima, follow us quickly. I learned since birth... To love my town, Zahla, I grew up and ...

Video Details

Duration: 15 minutes and 3 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
Views: 179
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 9, 2009

Jamila is in school at 12:00 p.m.

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