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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 4)

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You know, The Venus Project is everything religion talks about, because it's a brotherhood of man. We don't wanna kill anybody, hurt anybody, we don't hate anybody. We feel that all people are victims of culture. If you are brought up in the South, in America you might say things like: "I'm goin' get me a nigger an' I goin' kick his ass." That's something you pick up from your culture. That's not inborn. And they tell you: "Well, there's human nature, greed." That's a lie. Human behavior is shaped by culture. Once you have a younger child, put him on your lap and play with him and the 7 years old is standing there, with that lower lip out. You are making jealousy and envy, so you always take your older kid and the baby kid on your lap together. You don't say: "Why can't you be like your brother?:" "Well, because your brother is different than you are." But you will be resentful of favorable treatment for your brother. So, in school, when you grade kids, you produce jealousy and envy. When you have... unfortunately this will be harder to change, you can leave this out if you want to, most sports produce competition, which is not good. If you have a factory and you produce goods, ten times faster than me, in my factory, if I share my ideas with you, you lose... I will lose the competitive edge, if I have a faster way of doing things. So, we keep ideas to ourselves, that deprives the whole world. When you patent things, you deprive the world of ideas. But if we take care of every human being, every inventor, real life styles that are beautiful for everybody, art centers, music centers, cultural centers, so kids don't have to hang out in malls. You see a lot of kids hanging out in malls in America, there should be art centers, cultural centers, music centers, for people to go. Because... am I an idealist? No. Every kid that is a college graduate, that has more information, enriches that nation. If you have millions of kids, here, they can't afford to become engineers or architectures, designers, you are depriving the nation of ideas. The more businessmen you turn out, the more shafting of the public. The businessmen is out there to make money. Proof: If the United States loves it's people, it would never permit cigarettes. Cigarettes always produce cancer. It may take twenty years or fifteen years, but it always produces cancer of the lung and damages the heart. Now, if you say: "Say no to smoking" that's no good. We will show movies of people really dying of lung cancer. Real. So that kids know what the hell I'm talking about. I'm really serious. I know a lot of people in condition to smoke, you see cigarettes all over the street, but they don't really know the consequences. Now, if the country loved the people... They say: "More people are killed by drunk drivers than anything else." No car would start if you got in drunk. You understand? The breathalyzer is built in the car. So, in other words, we are interested in solving problems, not saying: "Drive carefully, school children crossing." I want you to understand another thing about war. Soldiers learn to kill. They have machine guns, cannons, rockets and all your parks have cannons, war tanks. That wouldn't be in any park in The Venus Project. Only the people, like Madame Curie, Louis Pasteu. People that made contributions to the well being and education of people in the parks and in front of the schools. There you've got bombers in America, you've got airplanes, war planes in front of the schools. You show war planes shooting down other planes. So, the kids can only go to the (barbers oil)?? and they got machine guns. You've got all this games where they're killing each other, constantly. How do you expect people to be sane? And so, in America, I don't know about here, they have Mickey Mouse Club. You fill the kid's heads with crap like that and you expect an intelligent nation? Impossible! Not only that, they give 'em Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Santa... they lie to kids. They always tell to kids: "Don't ever lie." So, the kids say: "Daddy, where does the babies come from?" "The stork brings the babies." That's a lie. On Christmas, they tell their kids Santa Claus brings them things. Didn't you papa and your mama, your cousin that bring you things, 'cause it makes them feel good. Don't lie to them, after you lie to them what do you except them to do? We have so many fairy tales and false things. Even in American history. All the leaders of America were brave men, everything they said was great. But the truth is that George Washington, the first president, had three hundred black slaves, did you know that? He would never be elected, he'd be in prison in a sane society, he'd be re-educated. Now, Harry Truman, called the Truman Doctor, was a president in the United States and he owned a hat store, he sold hats. Now, what the hell that guy have to do with being president of United States? People that will be leaders of the country should at least be people who know about human history, who know about manufacturing, producing goods and services to make things available to people. Politicians, when I say: "Know nothing", don't take my word for it, ask them. "How would you solve international differences?" "I don't know." "How can you prevent war?" "I don't know." They don't know anything, I'm trying to get that across to you. Don't take my word for it. Try it sometime. Talk to politicians. So, I'm saying this, engineers will not be in charge. They'll be assigned. Like, if you're an agronomist, you'll be assigned to agricultural problem. You say: "Well, I need so much land to do that." You'll be given that land. So, every research lab, heart disease, cystic fibrosis, cancer. No more digging up nickels and dimes. Do we have the resources to give them electron microscopes, whatever they need? Yes, we do. We have more than enough resources. Proof: When war comes, we give people machine guns, submarines, aircraft carriers, where does all that money come from, all of a sudden? Why don't we educate our people to solve problems, not kill. So, I would take all the soldiers, millions of them, send them to school as problem solvers. When I say that, I mean bridging the difference between nations. So, years ago, when I was designing this system, I said to myself, how you gonna change all people? They all think differently, in the Arab world a guy has six wifes, and so many different concepts of God, religion. So, that's when, I don't know if you know this, I joined the Ku Klux Klan, did you know that? - I heard. - I did it to see if I can undo it and it took me a month and a half and I dissolved that organization of about thirty four members in Miami. I'm not sure of the number, but around that. Then, I joined the White Citizens Council. They hate foreigners, all foreigners and I dissolved that in one month. Then, I went back to Brooklyn and I said to people there: "What are the most backward people in the area?" They said: "The Arabs." You know this story? - No. - And then I said: " What makes you think they're backward." "They still believe the Earth is flat." Well, I said: "Boy, I've got to change them, otherwise my system doesn't work. Put it to test, just like engineers do." They drop airplanes, they break the wings. "See if your theory, Jacque, works." So, I called up... Always work with the chief. The chief of the Ku Klux Klan, the leader of the Arab group. His name was Elbaz, I called him. The first thing he said to me, in a heavy Arab English accent: "You are Arab?" I said: "Ee." Means "Yes." in Arab. I'm not an Arab. But if I said "ee", they get to it. He said: "From where do your father be born?" That's what he spoke. I said: "In Lebanon." He says: "Come and saw me." Means "Come and See me." So, when I get to see him, he says to me: "Freco, you believe world is round?" I said: "Yes." Where he comes from, that means it's impossible. So he held his hands up like this. He says: "If the world is round, men fall me down here, all the water fall me down. Only on top it wouldn't fall me down. That's what he spoke. So I said: "Boy, I've got to get to that guy." So, I took a rubber ballon, which I brought, and I had him hold it in his hands and I rubbed it with fur fast. Then, I put cornflakes in his hand and told him to hold his hand away from the ballon. When you charge it electrically all the cornflakes jump up to the ballon and he saw that and his jaw... He says: "World be magnet?" I said: "Yeah." And he explained that... two and a half hour, I turned a life long belief around. But not by arguing with him. Not by calling him names. When the chief of the Klan, the Ku Klux Klan in Miami said to me: "You're a smart guy Jacque, what do you think of the Klan?" I said: "It's a great idea, but it doesn't go far enough." That gets his ear. But if you attack, you lose it. You understand? We have to use different tactics for different people. Not logic or reason, that doesn't work at all.

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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 4)

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