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Welcome to our Compliance Essentials video. [Laura O'Donnell SVP, Chief Compliance Officer] [Brian Tyler, CEO] I'm happy to be here with Laura O'Donnell, McKesson's Chief Compliance Officer. Before you get started on this course, Laura and I want to spend a few minutes on the relationship between compliance and our ICARE values. Part of what makes McKesson a special place to work, is how deeply engrained ICARE is in our company culture. ICARE is not just a poster on the wall. It's an active part of how we show up as a company. Today, Brian and I would like to spend a couple of minutes sharing what ICARE means to each of us. You may already know, that the "I" in ICARE stands for integrity. Laura, I'm going to date myself a little bit here, but I remember when we were creating ICARE. The executive team, then, as now, felt strongly that integrity needed to be included in our set of values. Integrity is about following the letter and the spirit of our Code of Conduct. It means, we don't do the easy thing. We do the right thing... ... on everything. When we act with integrity, we show our partners, customers and regulators that they can count on McKesson to do the right thing, not only with the big decisions but with the small ones too. Acting with integrity, also means speaking up when we have a concern. If you see something that concerns you, please, say something. You can raise the concern to your manager, to any member of Senior Management or any of your Human Resources, legal or compliance colleagues. You can also call the Integrity Line. [1-877-625-4624 in the US] You can rest assured that all concerns raised [1-855-350-9393 in Canada] to the Integrity Line are completely confidential, and there is zero tolerance, for any kind of retaliation, of any kind, for someone raising a concern. Thank you for your commitment to the Code of Conduct, to our ICARE values and to McKesson. As CEO, I expect each of us to operate with the highest level of integrity. It's what makes our company, special. [McKESSON]

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