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Nodereference Basket Module

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Hello, this is Kevin and I'm going to give a brief introduction to the nodereference basket module... it's basically an improved UI for nodereference fields - which is especially useful when you need to create references between nodes in sites with thousands of nodes that could be referenced. So first, we have a nodereference field for a content type called "Page," it's a standard page content type. And I have a field called "Referenced!" and there's just a checkbox when you install this module that says "Enable Nodereference Basket" so I'm going to enable it for this nodereference field... and I have only certain content types that can be related, and I'm just saying it's an unlimited number of items that can be added. So my field is done, and I'm just going to create content... So the title is "Wow, this is cool." And here's my standard way of adding stuff which is sometimes difficult if you have lots of nodes... Now, you'll notice if you're viewing a node that you're allowed to edit, and it has a field where the basket is enabled you'll see this Reference Basket block... of course, you have to have this enabled under admin/build/blocks first. So I'm just going to start adding things to my basket... So now I'm adding content to "Wow, this is cool..." and this is the field "Referenced!" Now, if there were multiple CCK noderef fields, there could be multiple chunks in the basket. And I see the one I already added, as well as an option to remove or reorder the basket, and save changes, which will save everything. So I'm just going to go to the standard node view, this is kinda a silly way to do it, But you see, I'm going around the site, I see a node that is of interest to me that I want to add to "Wow, this is cool," and if that node fits into either the node type requirements of the field, or if we're using views to select what nodes can be selected for a noderef field, as long as the node is referenceable under those rules, you'll see a button to add this node to whatever field you have. So I'm going to add this... and add that. Now, there's also views integration So this is a silly view that I built... and I just added a field called "Basket Link," and again, if the node in the view is referenceable, it will just add a link that says "Add as..." followed by the name of the field, that is active in the basket. So you can also... build views for people to browse lots of content at once and add stuff to their basket. So, now I have a basket full of awesome nodes, but Oh, I want "Nulla" to be the second one, so I click remove or reorder basket. And now the basket is reordered. And then I can save changes. So... that's the nodereference basket!

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Posted by: kevee on May 11, 2010

A quick overview of the dev version of Nodereference Basket. Note dev because there's a screen with repeated field names that I hope to fix soon!

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