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The train station on wednesdays

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From the Marina Razbejkina school of film and television Come on, come on. Hold on. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Let`s go over there. Hold on, hold on. Presents Come on. A film by Olga Maurina I`m holding it, don`t be frightened to bend it. I understand. Timur, I really need you to pull yourself together. Who are you? And why are you walking behind me? Here you are watching the sick. Have you nothing better to do? There`s so much joy in watching sick people! These are really remarkable people, who derive pleasure from the suffering of others. Timur, pull yourself together. Wednesday at the train station. Yes here they are simple philosophers,. They explain everything to us. Here we have philosophy and love. This is Paveletskaya (metro Moscow) Komsomolskaya (metro) is full of flotsam and jetsam, and Kursk has the sniffers and drug addicts. Really where could we find more pleasant work? Here`s my hand, imagine, the nerve endings, when I fell they were destroyed. It broke off here and here look. Broken? Did you hit something? Yes you hit something. When did this happen? Who hit you? Were you fighting? Really am I in any condition to fight? The cops? Animals! They hit me here with the truncheon. And this is how your arm is limp. Stretch your hands out like this. like this show me. ??????? My grandfather was an educated Cossack. What are you? And where are you from? I`m from the Urals, and my grandfather was a Cossack in the Russian army, in the Ural army. My grandmother was a Soviet noblewoman, who understood French and German perfectly. What are you? I recently had a fleeting opportunity to be an interpreter, Yesterday I saw a negro standing, I said "Don`t you understand, let me translate for you" And you translated for him? Certainly! In that addled state eh? Certainly, even though 30 years have passed. You remembered everything? Certainly I remember. You`re a smart cookie. I know French, German, and Spanish. Stick you`re hand out, if it feels tight let me know. I need the phone number for The Moldavian embassy or consul. Can you track it down on yandex? How long have you been here? Two and a half months. I arrived before the new year. Good day. This is a doctor from the fund for equal help who is bothering you. This is in regard to a Moldavian citizen, who had all his documents stolen, and has been living in the train station for the last month. Can you tell me how I can help him? Well, because I work as a doctor in the station, he came up and asked for our help. How can I bring him to you without a single document? No, not a single document, he was robbed. He doesn`t drink at all. He`s eighteen years old. He`s from Kishinev and he really wants to go home. We`re prepared to buy his ticket, what? You can`t do that at the moment? And what am I supposed to do with him? I understand, on Monday, where do we need to take him? Yes. And where on earth is he supposed to get $30 from? And how can I send him without documents? So proof of repatriation costs how much? $30 Do you require the $30 in rubles? And where can he get a photograph? From you for more money. And are you going to buy his ticket? Aha, that means we`re buying the ticket. We have to buy, we`re doctors for goodness sake! Why are you living in a squat, have you been thrown out of your home? The police. The police took the apartment from you? - yes. they took the apartment. And they took the documents in the apartment? Everything including the documents. Where do you live usually, Tambov? Tambov yes. Understood. Have you ever been in prison? No - Not even once, what is your profession? A lawyer, - what! A lawyer, that`s insane! Next Friday, yes? Do you drink? Almost never. Almost never? Yes. Tell me where you hang out, because I have links with the ??? organisation, and we meet tomorrow. Do you understand? It`s so that they can help you, and they can treat you. And you have never been to the synagogue here, no? They don`t recognize ... my birth ... from my mother. Was your mother Russian? Russian yes. A Gentile (non Jew) in Jewish terms. I`m non Jewish too. Can you please tell me why you got mixed up in this? Isn`t the hospital enough for you? I`ll tell you. As it happens, I was assigned a cancer patient, they said he was lying down, not breathing. Go over.?????? I arrived and there was no cancer patient. By the way it turns out he`s not a cancer patient, but a terminal drug addict with Hepatitis C, Ruslan. Instead of the patient, there were five people standing, They told me immediately that Ruslan had been taken away, can you help. So we set off running ??????????? I`m a weak woman who can`t say no. Hi Galka, hi Zaika. Happy birthday. How did you know that? Good grief, nothing gets past you! Thank you. May god grant you health - Thank you. One minute. I understand. How are you going to get to Serovo? By train. Which train? I can`t remember the number .. 307? Can you buy yourself a ticket or not? I`m my own worst enemy. - How much is the ticket. You are you`re own worst enemy living rough. I`m not guilty. He`s not guilty, give me the ticket. Nobody is guilty. Give me the ticket, travel today understood? You`ll freeze, look at the frost outside. where is he, the police? ???????? If only there was somebody else for goodness sake! I`m completely alone here. Stop! ???????? What the heck! Don`t film. Come here, this is for you. Are you giving me your own coat? yes. Do you have another one? Yes I have another one. Go on take it, don`t tear it, and for goodness sake wear it. Thank you very much. ???????????? This is how it is at the station, there are tracks, Well? If you walk along the tracks, Well? On the left side, from the side entrance. - OK. ???? is there. The television does not work, the long distance drivers stand there. Understood. Mishka, Vaska and Valka are there. Mishka, Vaska and Valka. Hello! Hello! Look how you`re living and a television too. Hello - hello. And why on earth did you run away from the hospital? Does she really have to do that yes? It would be easier to remove the pus there. You have pus there plain and simple, understood? We need to go to hematology to get it out. Hold this just now. Happy birthday! - How did you know that? Thank you. You probably know what this is? I know what it is. yes, you put a photograph here. Yes - thank you. I`ll take a photograph of you next Friday, I`ll stand next to you in the photograph. Time to go. - careful. thank you. Get well everyone. Good luck - good luck. Has Gold Tooth died or not? I only know one thing for sure... ... that someone Jewish died yesterday. What? ???????? Don`t worry, it`s not your guy, there`s some old guy over there. Volodya maybe? Hell knows! ?????? I don`t know! And where did he die? Nobody knows. Was it our guy with the beard? Hell knows! I was talking with him when he was still alive. - well? He told me he was a Jew, that he had two sons, Yes. four nephews. Did he come from somewhere in Tambov? Yes, from over that way. He`s a lawyer. Today when I arrived... ... he wasn`t here. Have you told the cops? Some of the guys did. The guys told them? - Yes. Did he die, or was he killed? His heart stopped. Go on, write to your mother.

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The train station on wednesdays

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