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Legging Roulette Explanation Video

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Hi ladies, it's Amber Jones with Lula Roe Amber Jones. And tonight I'm going to go over a few questions that we have gotten in regards to Legging Roulette. You may have seen on our Facebook page where we have been playing the Legging Roulette for the last couple of weeks, and we've gotten lots of questions on how it works. So tonight we're going to answer those for you. Okay, so now we're going to go over how Legging Roulette works. So in the morning we will announce that we are going to be doing the Legging Roulette. And that let's everybody know that it's going to be happening that day. We announce what time we're usually going to post. Usually it's around noon Eastern time. The photos will go up, and they're all going to be unicorn leggings. So here's our first unicorn that we would have posted, and it's a TC kitten legging. So what happens is you have to comment on a photo, and if you're one of the first 10 comments, you have a chance to win the single unicorn. So if we have 10 comments, you'll have the single unicorn and 9 mystery leggings. So we have 9 mystery leggings that have been prepackaged that are in the exact same size as our unicorn. So you comment on it, we'll send you an invoice, and you have paid for a chance to win the unicorn. You will always be guaranteed to win a pair of leggings. But it may not be the unicorn. It could be the mystery legging or it could be the unicorn. All right, so after we've sent invoices and everybody has paid, we go through and we print off a sheet of labels. So we have all these labels here that are all of the ladies who paid their invoices from the roulette pictures earlier that day. We'll go live right before our inventory release, and this is when we package them. So we'll take our unicorn and the number of mystery leggings that total the number of invoices that were paid. And we're going to package them all up. So we have our mystery leggings and our unicorn. So we're going to to take our unicorn and we're going to put it into the package with our care card. And we're going to seal it up. Okay. So now we have our unicorn and it's been sealed into the package. We also have our mystery leggings that are sealed in packages— obviously same packaging. So then I take the unicorn and I'm going to put it into the basket, and I'm going to mix it up so that I don't know where the unicorn is or which one is a mystery legging. So now that I've done that, I'll take my list of labels here, and I'll unfold it and then I'll start randomly choosing a label to unpeel and stick onto a package. Then these will be mailed out to all of the ladies and you won't know what you get until you actually receive your package. When you receive your package and you open it up, you'll find out if you actually got the unicorn or if you received a mystery legging. All right, so that's how our Legging Roulette works. We have so much fun playing roulette, and our ladies love it. So we wanted to make sure that everybody understood. As always, if you have any additional questions please make sure to email us at [email protected] Thanks again.

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Posted by: charlie610790 on Oct 15, 2016

You might have seen us talking about Legging Roulette the last few weeks and thought, what is this awesome thing I keep hearing about. This is a great video that explains everything about Legging Roulette! It's fun and exciting and if you want to learn what it's all about just check out this great video.

Basically by commenting on the Legging Roulette photos you are purchasing a 1/10 chance of winning that individual pair of leggings or one of the other 9 mystery leggings in the same size (these can be print or solid). We go live to show you the packaging and applying labels to ship out. You won't know what you have got until you open your package and one lucky lady will win the unicorn!!!

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