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How to shoot a free throw

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Hi, this is Sean Hudson and we are talking aobut using the proper mechanics of being a good shooter and being a good free throw shooter. One of the most important things obviously now tha we have worked ourselves up to is making the acutal shot. It is very important to use the proper mechanics when making the shot. So first of all, you come up you approach the line, you get yourself ready, you go through your routine. Make sure and use the same routine everytime. Now we are readty to make the actual shot. Before we shoot, we want to make sure tha we start with the ball in the shooting packet. Then as we are meaking the shot, you want to make sure and use your legs and your base because remember at a free throw shot It is not a jump shot. You are not using your legs so much So you want to make sure that you get good push with your legs. Remember as you are shooting the ball, you don`t want to shoot the ball straight up in the air or you are going to shoot it too high and it is going to come up short. You don`t wnat to shoot it straight out because you are gonna get the ball travel at high velocity and a low angle and it is not gonna get up over the ring. You want to finish the ball at 45 degree angle when you go up and obviously the most important thing is once you shoot tha ball, you want to get tha follow through to let the ball know where it is supposed to drop. So good base, good shooting form, good packed, use your legs, go up for the shot, 45 degree angle and the folloe through wave the ball goodbye and this is what it looks like when you shoot a good free throw. Gooe shot. So if you ues the proper mechanics and if yo shoot the ball forward adn follow through the ball will go in the majority of the time But free throws are something you have got to spend a lot of time working on to become a good free throw shooter

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Good shooter

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