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- OK. - You got it figured out? - I got it figured out. So, the easiest way to explain this to you is... But 49, right? Remember when way back we made it faster and we said it was too fast? That's what 42 was, but it doesn't have all the right fills. It was before we put that other fill on there. So, I took this whole thing and put the correct fill in it. - You follow me? - Sure. This one, that you liked just then, I thought it was a little ragged still, what we had done a few months ago. - So I went back to... - Wouldn't the simplest thing be, to take the HQ master, whichever one that is... - What is that? HQ master is...? - 48. Because it's been air-cutted and because it has the right fill in, wouldn't the easiest thing be, to take that and speed it up? I didn't think that it would sound good, so I want to know these other paths. Because it was already sped up and had air-cuts in and it just started getting very wobbly to me. All right, well, if you want to put the fill in, I don't mind going with 49. So put the fill in and then we just have to see if there are any air-cuts in it. OK. Here's what we should do then. If you play the current 49 before this fill. Stop. That... That fill or the best version of that fill, should replace the skippy thing in chorus 2. OK? There's going to be a tempo issue, because that's way faster than chorus 2. But that fill has... The reason I'm saying that is, it's played probably over the takes 6, 8, 10 times. - So... - So that's basically what that is, is half... It's a half-length snare fill that lands on the end. It doesn't land on the down beat.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 21, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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