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Aaron Rhodes I was frustrated a little bit honestly, just to be hit with that. Like people don't, like they barely talk to me so they barely know me. I'm thinking why? they just, they gonna know somebody like that? they can be anything. not really they just talk to me and I guess they picked it up from talking they basically just talked about my behavior, why I act out, all that. I had a streak of being aggressive, not listening, just being young. and being dumb. yup, at a very early age. I was 13 at the time. yes, uh risperdal. honestly I didn't feel a different effect. no, no. no I could, I felt as tho, I was in control of everything I did anyway. so that's why I didn't feel a difference. If I wanted to act out, I was gonna do it. no. *chuckles* no. you could say that. I guess people just forgot about it It's annoying. well, some days I doubt I'm bipolar, but it comes out that I think it's true honestly. because I do have violent ups and downs, sometimes. Some days I like, honestly... the way i look at it, music enforces my mood. while I'm listening to some song I'll feel all good And I'll just think about something and I'll get very down low. and I just get angry, I get sad, I get very aggressive. Yeah, everyone thinks I'm crazy, I'm used to it. well nah they... people see me as "Oh I just might snap" but that's just because I don't talk a lot. People just see, think I might snap Always looking like I'm about to do something, so I'm used to the looks back in the day, I used to, I used to make me feel some type of way I used to think "maybe they just knew me" they gonna think that way, but now I really don't care. I got my [person] I talk to, that's it. I have fun. I love my life. boxing, wrestling, MMA in general. that's my passion. Yeah. No! No. Yeah. I don't know, Not that I know of. Oh, well then yes.

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Posted by: foxygrandpa300 on Dec 14, 2015


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