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2799 Recovering after your breast operation

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Recovering after surgery takes time and the time this takes varies from person to person and on the extent of your surgery. You can speed your recovery by following these guidelines: Try to keep your wound dry for the first two weeks; a shallow bath works well or if you need to take shower please avoid getting the dressing wet. Your wound dressings will need to stay in place until you go for your first post-operative clinic appointment You you will have had some stitches but these are internal and will dissolve. This can take up to 8 weeks. Other than your surgical stockings, which you may be asked to wear for two weeks, loose comfortable clothing is best. Bring loose fitting clothes into hospital for your discharge home as well as a non-underwired supportive bra. Your breast care team will advise when you can start wearing it again. The most important thing is that your bra is comfortable and supportive. A front fastening bra, or sports bra can be very helpful. Button-up pyjamas and nighties are also recommended. Your team will have recommended a period of rest. This is to allow the healing process to take place as quickly as possible. Doing too much too soon can cause delays in healing and lead to more persistent or chronic conditions such as lymphoedema. Within a few weeks of your operation you should be able to return the most of your normal activities, but this will vary from person to person. You shouldn't lift or carry anything over 1 kg and don’t undertake any repetitive movements such as hoovering or ironing until your wound has healed. Also, limit computer work to 15 minutes at a time. Depending on your surgery, you won't be able to drive for 2 to 6 weeks, so you will need to arrange for somebody to help to get you around and also to get you to your clinic appointments. When you do travel in a car, a small thin cushion under the seatbelt may ease any discomfort. When you do start driving again, check with your insurance company that you are covered. When you will be ready to return to work will depend on your job, the surgery you have had and any ongoing treatments you will be having. You will need a sick note which can be obtained from the ward or your GP. You may suffer from some adverse reactions and it is best that you are prepared for the possibility of these. It is likely that you will get some bruising to your breast or under your arm and it is therefore advisable to wear bra support, both day and night. Severe pain is unusual following breast surgery but it is likely you will experience some discomfort, especially during the initial healing process and when you increase the level of daily activities. If you feel you the need more pain relief, please contact your GP. However, please contact your breast care nurses and let them know If you feel tension beneath the wound, pain or heat, or if the wound looks red.

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2799 Recovering after your breast operation

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