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DATE OF RECORDING: MAY 1ST Everything is cool London is pretty So many cool cars around Flamie, Seized and GuardiaN are already warming up We arrived here a couple of hours ago though And decided to get a good walk It's not a big walk from our hotel to the event And walking around London getting ready for the match is always great Hello there Edward: Show the architecture Zeus: Vanya I see you are willing to guide us Zeus:What's this building? Edward:Turkey Zeus:Turkey what, what are turks doing here? Edward:Hitting bongs Zeus:Okay,is that an office?Starix tell us Starix:LONDON IS PRETTY Starix:I've been here 2 hours and I already like it Zeus:Who is that guy Vanya? Edward: Some vice president probably Zeus:What's his name? Edward:Bong Bong Zeus:Ohhhh Zeus:Sup ladies Zeus:Man that's a lot of Bentleys in here Zeus:We need to get one aswell "Talking about mafia" Edward: That's some robo-technics. Edward:Look there is a bike without a front wheel Zeus:Woah can I ride one? Edward:This one?I don't like those non-carbon rims Zeus:What if they were from carbon? Edward: Easy Zeus:Starix is taking us somewhere, hopefully to an event "Quality jokes" Zeus:What can you tell us about this place? Edward:This is just a sign of how much an apartment cost in this area "More quality jokes" Starix:More Bentleys Zeus:Nice rims Zeus:Holy fuck, that's power, my heart can't handle this Zeus:Those guys are rich Zeus:Vanya do you want yourself one of those? Edward:Unfortunately my social level is too low Zeus:What if it was high enough? Zeus:You could buy yourself shoes for example Zeus:You would do crazy things man, party hard probably Edward:I would post photos where it's only me and a crapload of money Zeus:Hah, so if you guys want to see Edward on Instagram give him craploads of money Edward:I would pick up 2 Lambos Edward:And then on the way back I would think that I should've bought a third one Zeus:Who wants to bet on seeing another Bentley Edward: I can bet my house on that Edward:I expect one in a period of 5 minutes Zeus:What color? Edward:Grey or Black Zeus:I am going with white, my odds are bad though Zeus:Helooo Zeus:BMW?Boooo Zeus:All swag dudes have Bentleys Zeus:Shame on this guy, I don't even want him in my video Zeus:What happened to all the Bentleys? Edward:That's a lot of people in here Zeus:Boo, not a Bentley Edward:That bike there is cool Zeus:Trek?What can you say about them? Zeus:Oh wait you're talking about the white one? Edward:Oh that's not Trek, I don't know then, their logo is similar "Russian pun talk" Zeus:So that's London for you boys Zeus:Starix how do you know all these backstreets Zeus: World is in crisis, everyone needs money Edward:This is where we can get food Zeus:People smoking Zeus:Here you can get some beer Zeus:And here you can get drunk probably Zeus:Here you can steal a fork, and a plate too Zeus,Edward:This is cool, look at those things "It must be beautiful here on evenings" Edward:Why is everyone looking at us? Starix:Because we are in the same hoodies, we're a team Zeus:We work on TV! Edward:"Oh my god we're on TV!" Zeus:Go man Zeus:Get rid of this sand Zeus:You forgot to clean up that part Zeus:He's got Sennheiser headphones Zeus:Oh look a cow Edward:It's a sheep Starix:A cow? Zeus:IT"S A COW Edward:NO IT'S A SHEEP CALLED SHAUN "Even more quality jokes" Zeus:Alright we need to concentrate and understand that we are playing against Danes soon Zeus:I've heard that everyone will cheer for us Edward: I doubt Edward:TSM are a LoL organisation Zeus:A british org? Edward:I don't know, but I guess it's an American org Zeus:So they are allies Edward:Oh, that's King cArn over there! Zeus:Oh wow

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Лондон 2

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