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Assemblage du vin rouge 2008 au Domaine de Chevalier

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Stéphane, please tell us about the vintage in general and after this tasting Stéphane, please tell us about the vintage in general and after this tasting about Domaine de Chevalier in particular. This is a great day for us because the definitive results are very encouraging,® despite the fact that this was a somewhat complicated and stressful vintage. That's because there was a lot of rain in the spring. This inevitably entailed a risk of fungal diseases and late ripening. So, we knew early on that a great deal of patience and determination would be required and we had to stay optimistic despite the patchy weather. This was a labour intensive vintage calling for many costly preventive measures. It was also the latest harvest in Chevalier's history, and one that took a long time. We finished picking at the end of October. Volume was small, but we were very happy with the quality. Having withstood difficult conditions throughout much of the growing season, the grapes ripened over a fairly long period, which gave us the time to peak each plot at peak maturity. The grapes were perfectly ripe. Seeing at the month of August was less than ideal, we tought that the profile of the vintage called for gentle extraction in order to produce elegant wines. Even so, the wines are astonishingly tannic, but with plenty of ripe fruit. They are classic with beautiful balance and great acidity. Some of the vats have exotic characteristics typical of great vintages. We were very worried at certain times, but out patience eventually paid off. Monsieur de Lestapis, could you please give us an overview of the 2008 vintage and, after this tasting, your impressions of Domaine de Chevalier. The 2008 vintage is looking very good Ok, it may have been difficult to make, but thanks to special care and attention in the vineyard, during the harvest and, now, in the cellar, I am very satisfied with the quality. The wine is very elegant and well-focused, with considerable freshness on the nose. It is also smooth and well-structured on the palate. This a vintage that will not only be enjoyable to drink young, but will also age very well. As far Domaine de Chevalier, I think this is a perfect example of a hugely successful 2008 Chevalier has a great deal of elegance on both the nose and the palate thanks to its oustanding terroir. The structure is very refined, with smooth tannin and a very long afterstate. I believe this vintage will be considered one of the finest Domaine de Chevalier has produced in years. Olivier, what are your impressions after this tasting session? I instinctively knew that something special was in the making, that the wine was very good, despite the year's so-so reputation. While it is true that the weather was challenging in 2008, the vintage was saved by a beautiful Indian summer in September and October that paid up for the poor month of August. Today's tasting shows that every vats has absolutely incredible colour and fruit. There's just so much intrinsic fruitiness in our 2008 ! This was borne out in each of the 25 samples we tasted, despite the fact that each one is from a different terroir. This morning, there were ten of us around the table, and we all came to an agreement on the best blend in record time, just 15 or 20 minutes! When a group of professionals all agree so quickly, you know the wine is good ! In fact, finalising the 2008 blend reminds me very much of the 2005 vintage because the wines from every plot are astonishingly well-focused and powerful. The world's wine trade who come to taste in April are in for a big surprise! Whenever we get together to decide on the final blend, we always wonder what things are like elsewhere. When you make something as good as this, you are really interested to see how other estates have done. As for Chevalier, we're truly expecting great things from our 2008.

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Dégustation d'assemblage du millésime 2008 rouge

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