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Turicato Mission trip

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I felt this way as I saw Turcato´s valley a town in the deep of a death volcano you can see the houses in the mountain it took me 15 hours ride to get there Cuernavaca, Puebla, Morelia, Turicato we arrived Turicato at two AM as usual the fellows christians gave us the best of the land, we eat so good our goal was to romance this town years ago "Amistad Cristiana" Church in Tampico started the work now, thanks to them there is a Church in Turicato and there is no other christian church in miles around it is right there where the devil is working day and night where 40 christians are relegated, mocked they have to live under pressure in a town that does not understand them neither wants them it is right there where your faith is tested our mission was to romance Turicato for the Lord in my days there, many times came to my mind How? doing good works it was very hard for the brothers and sisters to make the Presidente Municipal to grant permission so a team of people could come and share about important topics for the town the answer was all the time... We do not want anything from the Gospel! we do not want to deal with you Christians! however, in this stages the goal was not to convert them but for them to feel in love that the People could see a Jesus who loves them and He is worried about them that He cares about them and wants to be part in their life we were able to see the body of Christ in action we gather in Turicato many organizations From "ECO" Chema, Rossie and Isaí "Manitas Seguras" (Safe hands) Valeria Claudia, Vania Mayte Faby and myself from Campus Crusade plus Pastor Eduardo Herrera who lent us his van since the first day, "Manitas Seguras", was very bussy they focuse on teaching the kids and their parents teaching the kids that there are parts of their bodies that are private and no one should touch neither kiss one of the directors of a Kinder said first: "I am not going to work aside with Christians" when she saw "Manitas seguras" job went home, picked up her child and brought him to the next presentation Chema and Rosie with "ECO" they preach the Gosple to people who can not read or write or who learn by listening Chema shared a workshop on how to disciple telling stories from the Bible Chema and "ECO" will be coming in the near future to Turicato to teach some lessons on this Saturday we got a group of dentist and doctors, to gave the services to the people we also got doctors from town they saw 120 people that day It was when Mayte was able to use her talents as she made hair cuts We praise God for Rith Nichols and her mom who last summer gave us hand made clothes some flip flops, all this was great blessing for the kids it is always good to show love with a present this was very good way to say "I love you" Vania did a good job giving away this presents for me that day the "medical day" I was in charge of the farmacy after all during the night we showed "Magdalena" the movie it is a history on how Jesus cares about women and how He ministers their lives based on the Gospel of Luke adapted from the "Jesus Film" Magdalena is a great tool to share the Gospel we had 60 people in two shows we had my heart is full of joy for seven people who asked Jesus into their hearts that night next day I worked with the teenagers from the church must of you may know this is something I do not enjoy because I don´t know how to do it however trusting God we talked about their spiritual journey Bolivar and Orlando gave their live to Jesus Audon, Ismael, Bernardo and Jair confirmed their decision now they keep in their hearts that March 25th, Jesus came into their hearts for Sunday I was able to teach to couples at church Silvia was not able to make the trip she got sick and I really missed her but praise God even by myself God spoke to the couples and they were able to restore their marriages, resting in God´s Hands It is right perhaps nine new believes are not many but for a church of 40 members it means about 25% of growth but most importan is that the seed has been planted the Lord in His word says, "My word does not come back empty" we want to thank God for letting us have this experience the joy of seen a church in Turicato strong, new believers, a pastor, brother Leopoldo, encouraged and at last, to know that when we work in unity, God brings blessing Thank you so much for coming with us to Turicato!

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our mission trip to Turicato, Michoacan March 2011

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