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Divine Inspiration Class #5 : Rav Breg on The Work of Angels

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States the Zohar that when we speak of the Tetragrammatron which is, in this case God, usually translated as God, Tetragrammatron, that in order to connect with God, which means what? These forces, forces of healing, forces of good fortune, that we must, in order to tap into these kinds of energies, must recognize that each individual angel, when they are called upon to support, angels, that it is left to the individual to call upon these angels. And we cannot just say "angels come". And I know there has been a great deal of TV on angels. And I must say that since we began discussing the whole concept of angels, classes on angels, we have the Angels of the Day that come each and every single day to protect us; and the same angel is not operative on Monday as the one who is operative on Tuesday. They are different angels, each one with a very specific function. And so, therefore, when we read Torah, what we are connecting with this story, and trust me, if you want to peruse it, it's really just a story which seems to be so unimportant but yet is providing us with these tools that we can, if we need healing, if we need some good fortune, if we need some evil, that we have classified as true evil - and true evil does not mean because it is hurting me. Maybe I'm deserving of something that comes in the way of punishment rather than to say, God deems it proper to punish me for it is never God that punishes, but rather, our actions, that in turn will boomerang and come back to us, as reactions of our actions. These different classes of evil, these different classes of pain and suffering, that we see around us, bear in mind that the way the system operates, is that these angels, then pick up and act as channels for the activity, the actions of man and thus carry it back with the required result of what these actions entail. And if we acted unkindly, or we act in a way that hurts people, and so on, be prepared, that one day, not today, maybe not next year, maybe these angels might wait 30 years before they return with that little packet, of evil energy that we ourselves created. The Kabbalah Centreā„¢ Learn. Transform. Connect.

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Kabbalah University Insights From Rav Berg The Work of Angels

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