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Dhyan Yatra - A Meditative Pilgrimage. Sadhguru

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so we are taking only people who have been through the programs because we handle the whole situation's called dhyan yatra. dhyan means meditation yatra means a pilgrimage. its a meditative pilgrimage taking through himalayas. himalayas are not just mountains as mountains they are too incredible whatever you might have heard about them whatever pictures you might have seen of the himalayas when you go there, all of it will just evaporate it is too huge to grasp in these two eyes it is too huge before you are too old or too bald for anything you must walk through himalayas. you know it's an incredible possibility apart from that, this is a mountain which has the fortune of being a home and an abode for various yogis and mystics no other place on the planet has seen that many traditions living in one place no other place has seen such variety of spirituality when i say variety India has a huge variety of spirituality you know, every kind the wierdest of the wierd and the sanest of the sane, every kind you won't believe if I go about describing the various spiritual paths you cannot believe it because in these cultures anything other than what you are used to, is a know anything other than what you are exposed to is not okay that's the kind of thing, this is come this is because I want you to understand everywhere in the world anything new means only persecution happens. isn't it? anything new if a person does he was stoned to death, he was crucified, terrible things were done to him he was burnt on the stake. these were the kind of things that were done India is the only culture which allowed this if you're on the spiritual path, no matter what you're doing there is no persecution we don't understand what you're doing okay we don't want to come near you but no persecution because of this things grew you know,every kind people just discovered various ways to reach their ultimate nature any number a million different ways so these mountains somehow became the abode for all those people and these people are you need to understand, spirituality does not mean philosophy spirituality does not mean sitting and praying to God spirituality means you've gone beyond the limitations of the physical that means you are able to deal with the fundamentals of life it literally means you can strip yourself down and put yourself back again in terms of life in terms of basic life the creation itself putting it back and putting it down together again so people who went into these kind of things, most of them never spoke never had a teaching to give...but they always left a certain energy, a certain possibility which is eternal it doesn't matter how much I speak you may remember it today, forget it tomorrow but these energies are for always you come to the yoga center and see you just stand outside the place, inside the place just I'm talking about the boundary it's different this everybody feels you just stand outside its thick forest, its very very beautiful but you stand outside and just feel it and see just walk into the boundary and feel it and see, its very very different, the very way you feel in the system because these energies have been created with lots of care our teachings, we don't know how they will get distorted but this nobody can destroy, it'll always be there so they always created this, they invested their life in creating this space rather than teaching something this is the way it was conveyed everything that you have to learn if you become open it's all there like there is internet, there is a whole Yogic net everything that you wish to know is all there it's up to you you have to learn how to access it if you ask me for me Gautama is not two thousand five hundred years ago, for me, he is right now the man may be dead long ago but everything about him is very alive not because there are books about him simply because he's alive in a different dimension so always he's accessible and this one place has seen a million Gautamas no other place has seen that many enlightened beings in one concentration and in so much variety so the mystical part of himalayas is something so incredible I'm taking people just with the hope that we can create an opportunity for people to experience dimensions that they themselves could never access by themselves this is not a tourist company, this is not a tour this is just to create the possibility for people many who come don't even understand what's happening there you know logical thinking people who have invested their whole life in their limited logic for them anything that they do not know cannot exist it's a very stupid way to live but lot of so-called educated people have taken this position in their life what I do not know cannot exist very idiotic way to live, isn't it? its against the very grain of even the physical sciences isn't it? yes? against the grain of even the development of physical sciences but unfortunately logical minds take this position if there is something happening here that they cannot understand, it is suspect that's not a good way to live doubt is very healthy suspicion is sickness isn't it? doubt means you want to know suspicion means you already passed your judgement, you want to prove your judgement. it's a sick way to live but logical minds always take this step so himalaysas is a place where, you know it's its a very very different place. it's indescribable I have made many trips to himalayas. every time I think okay it's enough every year I have gone last twenty five twenty six years I've been going and I think okay this is the last trip I'm going to make because at the end of the trek the whole body is sore, every muscle in the body is hurting bad bathrooms and you know okay this is enough, this is the last trip I am making but within six months I am again planning the next trip till now its been like that, I don't know when I will stop.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 Sadhguru discusses Isha's yearly Dhyan Yatra (Meditative Pilgrimage) to the Himalayas, an abode like no other in the world harboring a huge variety of yogis and mystics. (TO57)

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