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Baby Book Interview

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When you were pregnant with me what was your pregnancy like Easy? Hard? Easy. I didn't have any nausea with you or Anar (my brother) You didn't want to eat anything strange? I cant remember (later she said she would crave meat with me and my brother) The next question asks why I was given my name but I already know Yeah, your grandfather's given name And if I was a girl? We didn't think about that Were there no other names in the conversation? After two months we already knew we were having a boy Me: And then you just chose Mom: Yes When you were pregnant did you change anything in your daily life What you were doing, the things you were eating, drinking I had lots of changes. I got really splotchy Everything just became more difficult for me to do as my body started working differently But I still felt like I was working well How long were you in labor? Like how many hours Mom: With you or? Me: With me With you I was almost uh.. I went twice actually They gave me my due date and on that day I started having contractions I told everyone and we started heading to the hospital The Doctor told me It shouldn't happen soon and that it wasn't labor. The same thing happened with Anar I came the on the due date, they said its not going to be soon and we went home Then in 2 weeks we came back We got there and we were there all night We got there around 10:30 PM And I was in labor until about 12:30 in the afternoon Of the next day Me: So 14 hours? Mom: Yes And how was Dad? With you he was there with me But when I started giving birth He started yelling at the doctors to help me When the actual process began he hid behind the curtain and was scared Were Anar or Koyla(my uncle) there? No only Lala(my aunt) was there And what was she doing She was holding me standing besides me When I was born who was I closer with With you or dad? With me probably Why? Because of all that time he was always going to work And you spent all that time laying in the hospital We were there for.. they usually only keep people there for two days We were there for 4 days because they had to wait for the doctor to do the circumcision And for that they waited forever because it had landed on a weekend They were waiting for a children's doctor How do you think that affected my childhood That I was closer to you than dad? I think generally you're more close to me and to grandma because... because we probably love in a different way. In a different way than men

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