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Advance Pro. Example

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Welcome Everyone. I am Dr. Janet Galipo. I am a senior instructor with the BodyTalk System. I’m here today to talk to you today about the Advanced Procedure and how we used it. Everyone learned in modules 1 and 2 the basic procedure and you learned how to navigate your way through the protocol chart using the basic procedure. Now we’re going to improve on that a little bit. One of the reasons why we use the Advanced BodyTalk Procedures is to facilitate improved BT formulas and to increase our effectiveness. We want to be able to restore the normal functioning of the Bodymind complex quickly. We are able to do that with the advanced procedure. Let’s take a look at this. It’s our advanced protocol chart. This is our advanced procedure chart. We got all nine modules in there. Many of you are going to looking into coming to some of these advanced modules. So, we want you to be able to understand how we use the Advanced Procedure in order to navigate through this advanced protocol chart. The procedure - how we treat. Here we are looking at the advanced procedure chart and with the Advanced Procedure what we’re trying to do... to improve on our basic procedure and add some things that help us navigate our way to the protocol. Now if you look at this advanced proc chart there are boxes here – you’ve seen these before. You learned this in Module 1 and 2 you learned it during the basic procedure. So we still have Commencement. We still have destination. We still have Details. We still have Orientation. We still have definition. We still have implementation. All of these are the same as you learned in Module 1 and 2. What we’ve done here with Advanced Procedure is we’re just expanding on these a little bit. We’re improving on them. Here we’ve got three reasons for using the Advanced Exploring Procedure. We want to make it easier for the client’s brain-body (mindbody complex) to follow instructions. Remember we talk about dealing with your clients. Many times clients’ brains are a little slow – a couple of steps above sleeping. And so what we want to do is we want to make it easier for the client’s brain body to follow instructions by providing more specific details. We want to bring in as many levels of causative factors as possible. Now in BT we talk about treating causative factors. We know we can’t ever treat the cause of something because there is no “the cause.” It’s just layers and levels. What we want to try to do is try to treat as many layers and causes possible so we want to bring in all of the different factors which we are able to do through using this advanced procedure We are expanding our zoning capability or our zoning capacity. In module one we talked about zoning. Zoning is the interface of the left brain logical analytical process with the right brain intuitive awareness.. order to create a good state of mental clarity a good state of mental functioning and what we’re trying to do through using this Advanced Procedure is to expand our ability to zone. Okay so here we have the commencement box and everybody knows commencement everybody remembers this from module 1 and 2. Commencement is the beginning of our treatment. The first thing we ask after commencement is of course: Are permissions a priority? We never treat in BodyTalk without receiving permissions – are permissions a priority.. ..if they are a priority we pause and find out if it is an issue with the client or is it an issue with the practitioner and then we follow our information from there. Once we’ve determined that permissions are no longer a priority, and we’re going forward into the protocol.. ..and we understand Bodytalk is a priority the next thing that we taught you was section. We talk about section and we have to find out which section of the protocol are we going to. We taught you section 1, 2, and 4. Section 3 is of course one of the advanced modules so we don’t learn that in Modules 1 and 2. So we establish. section. However if you look at this. You’ll notice that we added something.. We added the words agenda and we taught you in Modules 1 and 2 to..

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