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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 00:30:00 - 00:59:59

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You seem like you're busy these days Yeah Ah... All done? — Yes So I just need to go like this? — Yes Okay. Enjoy your evening! — Thank you, keep up the hard work Yep! Man this.. this is challenging. Hello? Hello? Hello? Argh... It really is challenging Yep. Hello? Yeah. Talk, won't you? Yes Yes, I know. Don't give that to me Okay Why's this so difficult? Yes? Yeah.. But the thing is I think it'll take a while. He won't pick up Yes, yes Ah.. There are a lot of places where I can't just walk in though So I'll have to call them up first I know that, but I need to check first Okay...? What - what do you need? Ah.. Yes, okay, I understand Hello. I just finished here And it'll take another... 5 minutes? Yep Ah.. Seriously You.. Hochul, don't call me today Just - Just don't call me anymore tonight. I'm not in the best mood Yes, Director Lee. Did you call? What do you mean you got a call from 'Wood Fired Pizzas'? No that... I just finished that It's all - Yes, I know that there's one more to be delivered, but They said it had to go separate and told me they'd call someone else to deliver it Yeah... That no one's coming? But that the food's out? But I can't help but be late to calls tonight I have a lot of people on me Yes... I'll go now Seriously... Stressing me out Yes, hello? Yes Oh... Oh, it was because of Anyman's delivery of 'Wood Fired Pizzas' Yes, thank you Geez... How much is this? It was me that ended up coming again, anyway 48500 won (~$48.50) This... — If I take out the delivery fee... Is it 41500? 41500 won, please (~41.50) 41500 won. I... cash... I only have this much. I think I'll have to give you this. My company just gave me a 100,000 won bill (~$100) Oh, really? — Yeah... 41500 won I'll give you change. The 500 won (~$0.50) Ah... How much do I have to give you, again? It's 41500, so ... 9000 won. — 49000 won? No, just - just 9000 won — Oh, just 9000 won? Ah, I see... If you do that, you wouldn't have anything left for yourself's so confusing No but... If you don't have anything left, how will you do business? It's the same place, right? — Yes Have a good evening — Thanks, keep up the good work — Yep Please be as quick as possible — Sorry? Please be as quick as possible — Oh... yes, yes Ah... seriously Yes, hello? Huh? I'm at the Jung-Bok Apartment intersection Jung - The Jung -Bok Apartment intersection Huh? In my pocket Pocket Urm... Street number 143 at... Was it number 15? Give me a second Yeah... But... are you coming or something? 143 at number 12! Number 12! Okay

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: Sam Queen
Views: 86
Posted by: globallives on Nov 6, 2013

Seunghwan picks up food and delivers it to a client. He then goes back to the same restaurant, picks up more food and delivers it to the same client.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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