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Riftah 2

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Single Mom I am a mother of four I have raised my children by myself For me, my four children are the most precious treasures It is hard for me to be a single parent I need to think about everything by myself House chores, working in the fields Especially during farming season This year, I had to burn my own field with the help of my 6th grade child I spent the night in the small hut in the field to guard the fire I also spend nights in the hut if I feel too tired to come home because the field is so far away I feel sorry watching my child to go to school from the field. It takes so long I cannot take my youngest child to the field, She is only 4 years old But I had to bring her when no one is at home When I burned the field, I put her in the hut alone I was worried that she will play around the fire. But what can I do? Sometimes I leave her there if I tap rubber but my mom will look after her If it is time to shift to another field, I should choose a field with big trees. Those big trees need to be cut down and burned, so the soil will be fertile But I cannot cut down big trees So, I chose a new field with not so big trees But as a result, the field was not that fertile and the paddy harvest was less It is true that in the village we help each other during farming season but I need to repay it by working on the land own by the people who helped me I cannot open up a big field If it is big, I cannot pull up all the grass I have to open smaller fields. I feel confused Which one I should choose? I need to tap rubber to meet my daily needs But farming is also needed so I do not have to buy rice It’s true that the harvest is not enough for a year In seven months, the rice is finished I usually ask for rice from my parents, so my children can eat My life is hard, but I need to face everything with a strong heart

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Posted by: abisaputra on Dec 2, 2016

Riftah 2

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