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C5L7: Topspin Volleys

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Granted this next drill is not terribly easy but its a good one for you and your students to try. We are actually hitting top spin ground strokes out of the air. So basically slow motion swinging volleys. You can see its not even easy for us. This is a tough one, but why we are doing this is we want to get very close and keeping our racket head in one place. We are not using a lot, using mostly inner body. We are not moving the racket around that much. We are both trying to hold it at the 45 and do our figure 8 in the center and let the racket stretch out. Doing this drill gets us trained and our eyes trained to watch the flight of the ball. You want to make this work, thats the only way to do it. We are getting the hang of it now, we are watching the flight of the ball and we are taking a full swing as we would from the back court. Just with an abbreviated racket movement. We are using our bodies, and we are hitting top spin. This is not an easy drill. If you have a tough time with top spin right there just go flat, see all of sudden Paul started to go flat on this one. There he tried top spin again. Its just not that easy and to make matters worse we do this on the backhand side as well. The only reason we didn't do both sides at once is because I wanted to give you a good camera angle and have it in the center. Another way to do this is to have a full one rally both forehands and backhands hitting top spin to top spin. Everything is the same, eyes are forward, see how our heads on top of our necks are barely moving. See that same with our racket, but we are getting a nice little rally here, swinging volley to swinging volley. We are really placing our racket head immediately where we see the line of the ball is going to match up to our 45 degree angle. You place your racket head right there and then just swivel in and out of the stroke. Try this with all your students start very easy, ok start very easy don't try to hit through each other. Try to make each other look good and start with flat shots. That will be a lot easier then switch to top spin. Here we do it on the backhand this is even tougher, nice slow finish. The key here is also to get connected to your 45. I am a little all over the place on that rally. You have got to be really patient, you can't move your head at all, see like there I turned my head down too much. Follow the ball with your eyes, don't follow it with your head follow the ball with your eyes. Try to keep your eyes focusing on the entire movement. Remember the birds eye view we had, you want to sort of feel that birds eye view as you do this drill. Really what you are concerned with is the line of the ball as you do this and matching it up to your 45 degree angle. Another way to do this is closer. The stroke is smaller but when you are closer like this you can hold the line of the 45 in your arm and racket a little bit better. If you want to make this work a little bit better with some of your intermediate students stand closer to one another

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 12, 2014

Great higher-level practice for reading the ball.

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