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_Non ho i Soldi!_

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We are lucky as hell, my friends, to live in these times, let me tell you, when funding is available. If you have a project, an initiative, related to the digital world, and everything now is related to the digital world some way or another, funding is available. It’s available in Italy, it’s available here in England, it’s available in China, it’s available in Russia, in the United States, it’s available in Kazakhstan, it’s available everywhere. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but it’s there. And I’m not talking about loans, no, no, no, no no. I’m talking about people, investors, Angels, venture capitalists, all kinds of funds that you can go to and say: look I’ve got this product here, will you give me money? If you give me funding I’ll give you a piece of my company. If things go well, everyone makes money. If things go badly, I’ve lost my time, my ideas, my challenges, blah blah blah, and you’ve lost your money. Friends like before. Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars. And look, everyone needs funding. Elon Musk, who’s a billioniare, to send people to Mars, do realize his crazy project, even if he has billions, it’s not enough to do the really big project, right? He has to find other people to fund him. This means that the excuse “I don’t have money” doesn’t stand up in business, because it doesn’t matter if you’ve had your billionaire bank account tattooed on your hairy chest like Lapo Elkann, since you were two days old. What really matters is whether you’re able to convince someone, an external investor, to give you money. Some of them, however, are crazy. Do you remember Shai Agassi? He had something called Better Place, it was pre-Tesla. With this idea of making electric cars, he conquered the world, made a billion dollars in startup financing, and then flaunted it conspicuously, burning up almost a billion dollars. He was great at getting funding, but bad at execution, or whatever it was, maybe a bad moment, or bad luck, whatever it was. And you know what the other interesting thing is? That right now funding is completely agnostic. You can be white, black, a boy or girl, you can be an alien, you can be E.T.’s nasty aunt, but if you present a good project to an investor, with a nice prototype that maybe you made with your own hands, or learning to program alone in your dark room with a low footprint because maybe you’ve started to sell the product or to promote it, you let them see that you’ve got the numbers, that there’s interest in the market, people will invest with you. I’m not saying it will be easy, maybe you need to meet with 50 investors, maybe you won’t find an investor, I’m not saying it’s an easy path. Then when you bring the investor into your home it’s a big pain in the ass, but what I guarantee you, don’t take my word for it, look at the numbers yourself, go on AngelList, or go look what you can find on the web, what is guaranteed for sure, the money to launch a project or to finance a project is not a problem. If you have bad luck with investors, there’s another possibility, which is always the great thing about this period. Night and day you can simply finance your project by earning money. How? Maybe you’re a phenomenon at teaching people how to sing like Julio Iglesias, "Kiss me, a lot, intensely, with your heart and your mind, doo doo doo..." You can get a website up online for almost no cost, teach everyone to sing like Julio Iglesias for 50 dollars, at that point you finance your own project, or any other idea. I wouldn’t recommend this Julio Iglesias thing to you, but that’s your choice. When someone needs to launch a project and they say: “I don’t have money,” it’s an excuse. I know because I’ve heard this excuse for years, and it’s not true. But not from a philosophical or mentality point of view. It’s a fact! The funding is there! If today you hear someone say: “I don’t have money, that’s why I can’t realize my phenomenal idea,” there are two possibilities: either they’re lying or they’re projecting their own movie inside their head. Or they’re projecting "Inception", only in place of the protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio, they are the protagonist. And would you like to see a film like that?

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Posted by: montemagno on Aug 9, 2018

_Non ho i Soldi!_

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