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Chatterbox XBi syncing two units for rider to passenger com

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this is the instructional video on how to initiate your first sync between two XBi units for intercom use once again this video is for two people on the same bike and you bought two XBi units you will have to sync them for the first time once this procedure is done you will not need to do this procedure again as the two units will be connected to each other and they will automatically connect from this time on whenever they are turned on the first thing you want to do is plug your headsets into the units. They can already be installed into the helmets if you want but i'm going to show you with them out on the desk that way you can see it much better and hear it if possible the first thing you want to do is choose which one of these two units you are wanting to have as the main unit. this will be important later on if you choose to pair a music device or other devices to this units when you initiate the pairing between these two units you want to choose a main unit and label it we are going to choose this model as the main unit with that what you want to do first is turn both units on in order to do that there is a power button located here you want to hold that power button down until you get a solid red then let go of it and the unit should stay on you want to go ahead and turn both units on so that they are both in the on position the next thing you want to do is since this is the main unit. You want to put this unit into the mode so that they can find each other by doing so what you need to do is locate the mode button and the power button and hold both buttons down for five seconds you will notice that the light will start to blink fast then begin to blink slow. Once it does that you can let go of it then you move to the other model and do the exact same thing. Hold the power and mode button down this time you will notice the light wills stay red and the units should turn off by themselves like so once both units turn off this is how you know that they are both connected with each other and that your process is succesful from this point on you can now turn the units on and they should automatically link to each other and they should already be in intercom mode which means that you can now talk into them as you please you will notice that these two units have the capability of being in intercom mode so that you can talk to each other like a telephone conversation which means you can speak at the same time or talk over each other or you can be out of intercom mode so that you can be in complete silence this again will come into play when you have a music device or if you have a music device paired with the units but as of now in order to initiate the communication between the two either one of the two of you can push the intercom button which is the front most button and what that does is it initiates the intercom mode or to take it out of intercom mode if one you pushes it you will notice that it will beep four times then you will be in intercom mode at that point you can talk back and forth to each other. If either one of the two of you want to take it out of intercom mode you can push the button and it will beep twice and that will let you know that you are out of intercom mode you will notice that the volume up button and the volume down button are located towards the back of the units when you push these buttons it will beep once per push and beep twice when at the highest volume setting possible. so as of right now once again these two units are already in intercom mode and you can be talking between the two of them right now and if either one of the two of you want to get out of intercom mode you can push the intercom button and it will take you in or out of intercom mode this concludes the instructional video.

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Posted by: chatterboxusa on Dec 23, 2009

Chatterbox XBi (rider to passenger model) syncing two units for rider/passenger intercom use

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