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Submarine (2011)

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[typewriter clicking] ♪ [quiet orchestral sound] My name is Oliver Tate. I suppose it's a bit of an affectation, but sometimes I wish there was a film crew following my every move. I don't quite know what I am yet. I've tried flipping coins, listening exclusively to French crooners, I've even had a brief hat phase, but nothing stuck. My parents have not had sex in 7 months. I've been monitoring their intimacy by the dimmer switch in their bedroom Jordana Bevins is moderately unpopular. Which makes a romance between the two of us more likely. (Jordana) Meet me under the ridge after school, and we'll take it from there. Now kneel down. Close your eyes. Wow. You look mentally retarded. What are you going to do with the photos? What are you complaining about? This is conclusive proof that you might not be gay. (Oliver) I asked her if she was my girlfriend now. She said - (Jordana) I'll think about it. (Oliver) But what she meant was, yes. We are now as one. My parents are going to the cinema on Thursday. The house is empty on Thursday evening. (Jordana) Are you asking to come around and have sex with you? If I say yes, does that lessen the chance of you wanting to? To us. And a wonderful evening of lovemakin'. (Jordana) You're a serial killer. ♪ [Alex Turner - "Piledriver Waltz"] ♪♪ (Oliver) I wish I could hand him this excuse now. (teacher) Please may Oliver be excused from class. His tiny heart is broken. ♪ I etched the face of a stopwatch on the back of a raindrop ♪ (woman) It's a big love letter. (Oliver) I've got a big heart. (reading) Dear Jordana: You're the only person I've allowed to be shrunk down to a microsopic size and swim around inside me in a tiny submersible machine. You're too good for me. You're too good for anyone. ♪♪ Sincerely, Oliver I was crying earlier. My eyes are probably red. (Jordana) They look fine. (Oliver) Well, maybe they don't go red when I cry then. ♪ I heard the news that you're planning ♪ ♪ You shoot me out of a cannon ♪ [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on May 30, 2011

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