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contour crafting

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Building a house in 24 hours! It can be done, if you got a robotic construction worker like this one! Here is another story of how technology is about to change something we take for granted. Building a house. Construction is a labour intensive and time consuming process. But not for too much longer if one scientist can perfect a whole new way of building a house using a single robot. Your talking about a technology that will complete an average size home in less than 24 hours. With all the electrical, plumbing and everything embedded and even painted with wallpaper design using CC technology. That's kind of pain free. That would defiantly be something. I think that is a great idea. Amazingly enough it's not just an idea. Behrokh Khoshnevis has already invented the technology, it's called contour crafting. This is a smaller scale contour crafting machine that can make parts made with ceramic. This machine was originally built to help create moulds for industrial parts. It occurred to me that the process has excellent potential in handling construction material. So he built a bigger machine, one that could use concrete, one that could make walls. One of the challenges to building a home in a day is conventional concrete. It's made with lots of water, gravel and chemicals which prevent it from drying to quickly. Behrokh needs his concrete to set quickly. If the concrete doesn't cure fast enough it will not be able to sustain the wait of the prior levels of the structure. After playing around with a lot of materials he found a solution a special mix without gravel that sets quickly. This machine squirts concrete through a nozzle layer after layer. So what you see here are full scale sections of concrete walls built by the bigger machine, which is now at N.A.S.S.A. They are using that machine to explore the applicability for lunar construction. With that success under his belt, Behrokh decided to take the next step. The idea is to design your house on a computer which tells the contour crafting machine what form to make. The machine then builds the entire home for you and not just the concrete walls. For example a layer of insulator could be deposited with an additional nozzle. Support beams, plumbing even electrical components can be installed while the walls are being formed. Therefor in the end the entire utilities will be ended. There are many benefits to such a system building a 2200 square foot home in less than a day could be enormously useful in emergency situations like hurricane hit New Orleans. And it could reduce costs. Typically about 55% of the cost of construction is due to labour. It would also reduce environmental waste. The process is controlled by the computer and the computer very accurately adds the material where ever it is needed. There is virtually no waste. In conventional construction of an average home there are 3-7 tons of waste. Like the wooden forms used to hold the concrete no longer necessary with Behrokh's machine. And since the machine is powered by electricity, there are no exhaust fumes. Which leaves only one concern, what happens to all the people employed in the construction business? It does not eliminate necessarily the need for Human involvement, it just elevates the nature of the tasks that are involved. Less of muscle work and more of creative power Behrokh plans to have a full scale working model up and running soon. If it turns out to be as versatile as he says, it will undoubtedly revolutionize the construction industry!

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Posted by: paulg on Feb 28, 2010

building a house in 24 hours.

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