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Renowned printmaker Karen Kunc visits Oregon State University

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It's really the same kind of instinct to make marks that everybody has, that you could trace all the way back to prehistoric man. That instinct to "mark make". Printedness: how is the effect of printing on paper as a visual aspect. And I think it looks so unique. We can identify if something is printed, as opposed to something painted or sculpted, of course, or from other kinds of printing means, photography. All of those things have a very specific kind of visual quality that I honor, and am influenced by, and certainly use as an exploration for making art. The actual thing that I'm interested in seeing in art, or student's art, is the idea of interpretation. Not just imitation, but to- you know, that's the same quest we all have is to make sense of the world, interpret it somehow. Now in art, we're doing it in a visual means. But to have that kind of interpretation in transformation of ideas filtered through this artistic persona. So, I'm interested in that kind of development of their sense of explaining their interpretation. You can sense the energy from carving marks. I think that's what's- has a great appeal for people. They may never be able to articulate, but you can actually sense somebody's hand is moving through that material And it's really a record of that energy transferal. I'm really on a search for finding out what these things that I chose, and lead from maybe very spontaneous instinctual things, all the way through to finding out what that might mean for me.

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Posted by: umarket on Sep 2, 2009

Karen Kunc visits Oregon State University as part of the Visiting Artist & Scholars Program sponsored by the OSU Department of Art. This documentary features her woodcut print show titled "Printedness".

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