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Taiwan:咼昇民 (Kim) (1)

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Do you film the whole body of half the body? Yes, half the body, including your hands. Pull your stomachs in. My belly is huge. Yes, stomach in. Good. Could you give us a brief introduction? Your name and where are you from. I am Kim. I am Lisa. We are from Taiwan Taichung. Good. What about your family? We have two boys. One is about to go to high school. The younger one is in junior high school, first grade. Wow, it seems that you look younger than your actual age. Before you guys joined Youngevity, what kind of jobs did you have? I mean traditional jobs. Could you share us about your background in details? I was an investment consultant before I joined Youngevity. Lisa was a director of the insurance department. You guys worked for the same company? Yes, we worked for the same company. But later on, I changed my job and worked in investment and financing field. I taught people how to invest. Lisa stayed in insurance. She was the senior supervisor. You guys joined Youngevity after that. Yes. Our previous jobs provided us with good incomes. But you have to keep the job in order to keep the income. And the previous jobs are highly stressful. Lisa had some health-related issues. She was sick. That's whey we were considering changing our jobs. Were you considering becoming direct distributors? Never. For real? 3 years ago, we joined a direct distributor company. We learned that being direct distributors allow us to earn passive income. After that experience, we were kind of hoping to get back into this field. That's when the opportunity knocks. Yes. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare illness. I couldn't catch my breath after a short walk. My friends recommended some products from Youngevity. About three months later, I started to feel better. My energy level was up. I could climb up four floors without resting in between. Those products were magical. I wanted to know more about this company. That's how I learned about Youngevity. This is the opportunity for you to learn about Youngevity. You guys just answered the question on how did you learn about Youngevity. Which aspects of Youngevity do you consider attracting? First and foremost, it's their products. I was touched by Dr. Wallach's concept. He helped countless people to re-discover the path to health. I hope I could use the same model to find my way back to health and help other people as well. I am touched by this. So it's their products. Secondly, I think the bonus program of Youngevity is the best and most unique. As long as you work hard, the bonus platform will help many ordinary people to achieve massive income. As a result, we could make passive incomes as well. We hope we could help more people like us via this platform. To earn a passive income. When you see the improvements people made, how does that motivate you? When we change people from being unhealthy to healthy, from being fat to being fit, when they become younger and more beautiful, we feel we are moved as well. We helped many people financially. They discovered their self-confidence. For example, many housewives started to learn and motivated many to learn with them. We can feel their growth. They are finding back the confidence lost. They are becoming healthier and wealthier. This process is what excites us the most. I am touched by what you have said. What kind of improvements did you experience in terms of career and life after joining Youngevity? The most important improvement is we are regaining our health. Previously, we have to eat out every day because we had to work. We don't have the slightest idea about healthy eating habits. We had bad health habits. So the biggest improvement is we start to learn about healthy habits. We learned about nutrition. We are finding our way back to being healthy. Additionally, we are learning together. We often watch educational videos together. To study and to learn. We know we have to be our best in order to establish ourselves. We started enjoying learning. Our kids were influenced by us. When they see their parents are studying hard, they are motivated to follow our steps. They think learning can be fun. I see many improvements for me and our family members. I thought of something. You have mentioned that you were very busy before. But you have devoted yourself completed in order to achieve the success. Now you are part of Youngevity, do you think the effort you are put into Youngeity is less than the effort you have put into your previous jobs, right? Yes. Why? Why are you able to spend less time to achieve more success? The biggest reason is Youngevity is a career with fun. It's simple, effective and fun. You know, building teams is a difficult task. But, when you are able to copy, copy and copy, the process gets earlier when it reaches a certain point. And Youngetivy awards us good incomes for helping others to achieve their goals. This is impossible in the traditional fields. We have to work harder and harder to keep our traditional jobs. In Youngevity, it doesn't work like that. You only need to work hard for a period of time. At some point, your effort will be automated and start to double. Things get easier for us. And the process is fun and full of joy. We are happy. Very good. Which aspects of Youngevity's future developments do you consider exciting? The most exciting aspect is Youngevity is expanding into the Asian market. This amazing and big company is entering the Asian market. This is a huge opportunity. And it offers amazing products. It helps us to build a path to a great career. We feel this is an amazing opportunity for many people to re-discover their health and earn more money. What about you? A good company must have a great workforce. Youngevity is a 21 years old company in the USA. But it just entered the Asian market. When we learned about this opportunity, we determined to grasp this chance. Together, with Youngevity, we can push forward the health concept, the platform and the career in the Asian market. We believe, after few years, we can help more people to regain their health and build a strong career. They will earn more money and change their financial landscape. We often told us that we want to be just like Dr. Wallach, we want to spread the health concept. We want to help people to improve their financial conditions. Thus, they will have a shot at happy life. This is what excites me the most. Good. I am starting to get excited as well. Last question. If someone wants to join Youngevity or buy from Youngevity, what do you want to tell him? I want them to know that you don't have to join Youngevity. You need to educate yourself on the topic before you make a decision. Once you have educated yourself about Youngevity, you need to do your best and endure to the end until you reach your goals. I have a saying, go to all lengths, this is the only way to become rich quickly. You need to educate yourself and put into your best effort. That's your quickest way to become wealthy. Amazing. Thank you. You are welcome.

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Taiwan:咼昇民 (Kim) (1)

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