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SU Diamandis GSP10

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Hi, my name is Peter Diamandis, I am the Chairman and Vice Chancellor of Singularity University. SU is located in the heart of Silicon Valley on the campus of Nasa Ames, which is one of our supporters backed by a number of exceptional companies including Google Autodesk and E-planet Ventures. We are a non profit university formed by Ray Kurzweil, who is the chancellor, and myself to create a new type of education, one which goes out to the planet and seeks the very top graduate students in all of the key exponentially growing fields, brings them together and allows them to learn about all the other areas. If you are watching this video it has probably been sent to you by one of our graduate student program 2010 selectees We had 1600 applications from 85 nations for just 80 slots this year and they are looking for finacial support to attend this program and I urge you to please support them Why should you? Well, this is a program that is like none other on the planet. When your graduate students come to SU they will be learning about all the exponentially growing fields: computer and network sciences, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, human-machines interface, biotech and bioinformatics, nanotechnology, energy and environmental systems, space and physical sciences, and learning how to look at the future, what is in the lab today, what is going to be in the market in five years or ten years, and how that transforms industries, and how we solve the world's biggest problems. So, this is a 10-week graduate students program. In week 1, the GSP students are going to be studying what are the world’s biggest problems, what has been unsolvable for the last few decades poverty, clean water, energy issues, environmental issues, pandemics, what has been tried in those area, what’s failed, what they wished they had. Then in the next 4 weeks, they enter a period where they’re going to be studying all the exponential growing fields, not just not just the one where you are an expert in, but all the others. And in the third phase, integrating those, putting those together, seeing what kind of magic comes out when you combine AI and robotics with nanotech, or biotech. And then finally focusing on what we call the "10^9+" project. The "10^9+" team project meant how can we create a program, a company, a research project that can possibly affect a billion people in ten years. We started the SU program in 2009 last year. We had a 40 graduate students, they created four incredible companies, all of which have been angel-financed and started growing, and the networks they have built is great. We have well over 100 faculty CEOs, nobel laureates, leaders of industry, who come to teach your graduate students. This year we expect a significant increase in the number of ideas, research programs, businesses that come out at SU. So, it is an investment not only in the student or your company, but an investment in humanity. We urge you to please support them: this is a non-profit 501(c)(3) University and, if they are showing you this video, it means that they are one of the top 80 students out of 1600 we've received. They deserve your support. Thank you! You can learn more about SU at, there are lots of testimonials and information about the content on that website. Please come and learn and, most importantly, back your student to attend our program. Thank you so much!

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Introduction to the Graduate studies program 2010 at the Singularity University for funders

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