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Dolls Treatment of cataract in the early Renaissance I asked for a glass, by the way. Well, it's there! At least look around. Where? There it is. And money? Wait a sec, just a min. So... Look at what kind of cin it is. Just let me hold it. Whats with those eyes? Nothing special. Blinded a little. Epitemic is one sided. And what, the whole city cant see anything? Well, why is that?There is an unpleasant fog in front of the eyes. Our spoons don't miss the mouth. We can live. And for how long has this been happening to you? Who the heck knows. The calendar, thank God, also cant see. Well. how can you live this way, without the calendar? We live good. Dont need it. When it's cold, means- winter. Warms up, means- summer. Now, to tell the truth, its undetermined, what it is. They sing the national Anthem, means- Independence Day. Indeopendant from what? Independant from all. Whats the difference? Its a holiday. You can, for money, With what portrait? With the portait of His Highness. He, they say, is handsome. Who? Portrait. And His Highness? His Highness, they say, more like Apollo. Who says Well, the ones that have seen his upclose, they do. And did you try to have a look? What, do I look like at idiot? First, protection will torment you and secondly, why? We decided amongs ourselves, that he's good in his own way. What now,why are you upset? Brothers,you need to be madicated. Dont need to, it's not curable. Before it was uncurable, Brothers.Deep in the Middle Ages. And now we have a revival, the dawn of science. There is a convex piece of glass, a lens. If you put it up to the eye, and correct it to the right wave gradually it makes you see things as they are. You lie! Really? Show me! Somewhere, I had one of those things. Here! Listen, look at your mug. And you said,Mastroianni. No, not Mastroianni. And whats next? Next...he brought four baskets of these glasses into the city. And started to sell them to the public. Good goose. And they buy? They grab them from his hands.Admittedly, the wild rating of glasses. So now, the public is going to be able to see? It looks that way. And so they are going to see all this? And the city's garbage? And the mess? And the jails? Yes ... All, pardon the expression, the landscape. And, me? You are part of the landscape ... Well this is rudeness. I dont understand. What did you not understand? What a sec...There, in the window, was that our Highness? Him. Sparsely. Means, they see? They are seing clearly. We need this? N. .. need it. You, my friend, learn to guess yourself. And that ... Why I'm all about the words and words. And then ... what about me? We in the city that the Holy Inquisition is left? Inquisition - it's a relic of the past. But the inquisitors are in full order. They moved to the prosecutor's office. They protect the peace. Are they blinded too. Depends when. Well lets welcome the specialists. What kind of glasses are those- they're anti-government. But I dont know anything. How do you not know? Just that. I'm not even here. And its hard to get in contact with me. Have they invented mobile phones yet? No.. Well thats good. He sells lenses No matter. Tomorrow at the request of the veterans of the Holy Inquisition we'll burn him hell. For what? It's not important. It is important. Because if we burn it for medical practices then it will make us, that we are dark, criminals, a medieval regime. And we...? And we aren't... We pratically a European... revival. Otherwise, we will not get the money for the reformaion. In short, we must find an article that makes it illegal. So, he broke the law? Well, you think about it. Violated. Certainly violated. For us, praise to God, the rules are of last millenium and aren't govent. We, thank heaven, can't step without stepping into trouble. What did theyarrest him for? For the glasses. What about these glasses?When searching they found a fork with an award plate. So what? What? A Dangerous Weapon. And while being questioned about the fork they revealed that three years ago, he stole a lot of money. For whom? Nobody came forward. I didn't understand. So for us- it's a revival, or the Middle Ages? We have a revival, but a very early one. We have the Middle Ages, but its ending. We have an epidemic, gentlemen. A strong one. Is that you? Indeed. How are things? In my opinion, wonderful. Take that, pig! And take one from me. It seems that they are mad. I had the right to arrest him. With these papers! Eat your paper, you medieval monster! Eat it, here, eat it! Do not touch the animal. He is guarded by the law. I cant interfere in the law enforcement process. People appreciate your decisive action to maintain lthe law. My? Well who else? After your humane comments of the criminal merchant about lenses they removed the shackles and transplanted to a thin chain. Now he can move to the court in the city. Are you aware of your guilt? Now he resists. There you see. I see ... Not blind. In general, if you squint hard That's okay, right? It's even better that before. Everyone is in smoke. Chaos are not visible, the prison is as if not there. Small things aren't distracting. I'll tell you a little more. If, to realy think about it there is nothing better for our motherland By the way, pieces of glass, in the population, need to be ... confiscated, for example. As a metterial evidence. So its all under the law. Correct. Let them live in the early renaissance. But to the touch. GLASS OF RECEPTION Yay! Yay! Thank you. Citizens of the city! We all feel the wind of change. As if not to feel it ... I have since last summer, snob. Only the blind can't see it, how life is changing. The Middle Ages irrevocably are in the past. Feudal fragmentation gives way to the centralization of power. Follow me.

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Duration: 10 minutes and 50 seconds
Year: 2000
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: None
Producer: Телеканал НТВ
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Posted by: kallekn on May 3, 2009

Известная в свои времена сатирическая политическая передача "Куклы" Виктора Шендеровича - злободневно о насущном. Это показывали на НТВ когда телеканал уже начала кромсать цензура.

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