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Philippines pt 5 - 58-08 - for Kim

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Nurses: I am going to take the fetal heartbeat of the baby...if it's still OK there, the heart beat is OK..the heart of your's normal at 130 per minute, at the lower left quadrant. OK, no problem. Everything is OK. Interviewer: With your past pregnancies, is this what you always experienced?) At the hospital? No. That's why I am here at the Center. Yes. (She agrees that she prefers the Health Center) Nurse: Because everything we do here at the community health center is more complete Nurse: Because really we examen has to be right Nurse: Because the nurses here smile...we smile and welcome our patients here Nurse: So you have to continue taking your vitamins and you will not do anything except... Your food, it is necessary that it's on ice, OK? (I think she meant her food has to be fresh and/or refrigerated) Yes, that's free, one box is what we give (referring to the vitamins) Nurse: You have to continue all of your vitamins and sleep well, OK? (Introductions to the staff, medical officer, colleagues/nurses, midwife, and dental aide) Interviewer: What is the check up procedure for pregnant women? Our procedure is...for uncomplicated pregnancies, it is handled by our midwife Miss Conception (Last Name?) At if there is some complication like hypertension or vaginal bleeding, those are the cases I handle as a physician Interviewer: What are the most common complications for the women who come here? The most common is hypertension And big babies The size of the fetus is too big for the normal age of gestation that usually happens when it's a late start to prenatal check ups and of the mother. She was not given advice on proper nutrition those who start early with their pregnancies, usually they have continuous visits until the time they deliver (basically mothers who have an early start with check ups are more likely to have continous visits) Interviewer: What is the health coverage? What do they pay? Are there any free services? What has fees? For our services, we don't's all free. Included are tetanus control tetanus We also have free vitamins, free natal vitamins like Pera Sulphate and Folic Acid We also have a kit for those who are pregnant and near the term Interviewer: What is the government doing to reduce maternal mortality? Are they doing any steps? Have you seen any changes, if any? For now, under the DOH program in coordination with the local government under the health department they are intensifying the promotion of prenatal check up and (checkup) at the early stage of pregnancy to minimize maternal mortality But here at our ward we haven't had any cases of maternal mortality however, the main problem is that there are patients, pregnant women, who are not availing of the Health Center the services of the Health Center there are cases where they get late check ups, when it's near term or at 7 months before they even have a prenatal check up those have complications it causes malnutrition or there are cases of big fetus it can be indications for Cesarean section (something weird here...same viode/questions being played again) Interviewer: In your opinion, the women here in the Philippines, are they educated in terms of prenatal care and maternal health? So far, the number of pregnant women who get a check up is increasing here at the health center Interviewer: There aren't any cases, for example, where they prefer the 'massage' way of giving birth? those cases are the health center We're going to SOTO Eight pesos (travel fare) This is what I ride when I come here to the SOTO Clinic. That's where I plan to give birth. That's where I will give birth. Around August (her due date) Come here in the Clinic This is where I volunteer when I am not doing anything at home This is the campaign material that we use about breastfeeding Interviewer: This is where you want to give birth? Yes....this is about family planning

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Posted by: cinnamonk on Jun 6, 2010

part 5

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