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Wise, Foolish, and Evil People

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Wise, Foolish, and Evil People Let's go back to a very important Summit session from a few years ago, which I think if you have not replayed this for your staff you are missing a tremendous opportunity. Henry Cloud talked about wise people, foolish people and evil people. Wise people. We all love working with and teaming up with wise people. If you bring light to the situation they get it and respond to it. They are a joy to work with. Foolish people. You can talk with them. Hey, that was foolish. You did not think that through. You are making trouble there. It cannot happen again. And they do not learn. They do not respond to feedback or truth. It goes in one ear and out the other. Do you remember what Henry Cloud said that you have to apply to foolish people? Consequences. You actually get to a point that we cannot talk anymore because we have had the same talk five times and nothing changed. Now I have to take something away. I have to not let you do that anymore. There has to be some kind of consequence then they either get wise or stay foolish. Then there has to be additional consequences. What was scary in the talk is that he acknowledged... and he is a PhD in psychology and theology he stated that there are evil people out there. And evil people want to hurt you and your church. They want to destroy something. He says that when it is evil people... I have heard him say this many times... he says it is guns and lawyers. You have to protect your church from evil people. Titus 3:10 says if you have someone in your church who is divisive you give them a first warning. You give them a second warning and then you show them the door. A first warning, a second warning, done. We have invited lots of people throughout the story of Willow to never attend Willow again. Our security people have pictures on their cell phones and if they see them we walk them back to their car and ask them to drive off the campus. Because we have predators. When the 7th beautiful young woman says that guy has come onto me and followed me out to my car, etc... We sit down with that guy and say you have to stop doing this right now or we will invite you to never come back and if you keep coming back we will report you to the police. You cannot prey upon our young women. Or kids. There are evil people out there and you have to use a lot of leverage and force if need be to deal with them. You do not walk around with this thinking he, she, it... You just have a low grade awareness that these people respond to the light and feedback that is all good. These people need consequences. We have to protect the church from those people. I have never had a problem protecting our church from evil people.

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Posted by: landsm on Nov 17, 2014


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