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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:17:48 - 07:32:48

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Yes. -Did you call her? -She is here having breakfast. He came, he came! Where is your mother? They are eating inside. The poor girl is having breakfast. Where did you put the bottle? Who brought the food? Eat. Who brought them? No, it is for your father. For me. This is how you made your clothes dirty? The tissue is next to you. This is for me. Damn your milk, leave it. I want it. Mohammed, call Hamza, Ahmad. You sit good. Ahmad come here. Ahmad! Ahmad! Ahmad, why are you naughty? Call him. Ahmad. He came to beat you. Answer father. Ahmad, listen to me for the sake of God. Listen. I didn't do it. Listen. Listen. Don't fuck around. Don't mess around. Don't mess around. Don't mess around. Sit down. Sit here. Continue eating here. Stay here. Let him eat. Don't mess around. Don't mess around. Come, put zaatar for me. What are you eating? You don't know? Move a bit more. Move a bit more. Mom, I don't want any more. No problem, but you have to eat it all. What did Saleh's mother told you? She said it is ok. What is ok? If she wants to go, her mother will, and her children will take care of her. Is there anybody other than Saleh's mother? I don't know. Yes. You went straight to her mom? No, she is still there today. Mom, mom, mom! Thanks God, you don't beat me and you don't shout at me. You don't beat me and you don't shout at me. I am tired, mom, keep it here. Sit down when you are eating. Sit and relax. Tea. Mom, pour a bit more. Hold this. Put your legs down. He doesn't have work tomorrow? Do we have homework? Tomorrow night. There is school on Monday. There is school on Monday, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is a holiday. No, you have school. Ok. We convinced the dean. They will give you a paper if you have holiday. Sit and eat. Good. He said...The teachers said that the other teacher... The French teacher said to the English teacher that we have holiday... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So she said "Yes!" She was very happy. She jumped! Still a few days til the end of school. Mohammad will study a lot today. I don't have homework, if he wants I can help him. No, I already studied. Mom, let me go in pajamas to Choumoul. Why? Because I am too lazy to change my clothes. You have to take it off and put it on again. Toot toot taat, oh Katkoot, toot toot. He is filming Hamza. When we were going down, they were right behind me. In front me, my friends started to tell me, they are filming you. They are filming you. The kids told me they are filming you. I said I know. How come, everybody starts to love me, why? I don't know I swear. Monday, Miss Hanane. There is one for the little kids, the little kids downstairs. She teaches Muna and one is our teacher. Match. Now is the match, tomorrow is Syria. Mom, remember how you told me that last time... Last year when I showed you my grades, you said "Wow, good." I was on the edge. You know something mom. One grade and I would have failed. Hamdi also, one little grade and he would have failed. Where is he? Take me. Where to? To Fanar. Enough for me. He is not sending their cameras, he said. You told me that. What's his name? No I didn't tell you. Speak with her. His mother told him, yes. You didn't tell me that. If his mother was not here... Fatima, Fatima! Yes, come in. Do we have school tomorrow? Good morning! Come in, open the door for her. Do we have school tomorrow? Come in. I think so. Hello. Did you call Jamila? Yes, since yesterday. Your husband is here? Is he sleeping? No, he is awake. I want to speak with him. Mohammad, don't film me. Mohammed, call your father. Dad! You will be on TV. I don't want to be on TV. Who did it? Me. Good morning! I want to ask you, if a man says to his wife, I swear she will be divorced. What's wrong? After divorcing her? I am going to the court at 9:30. Why? He already said without us knowing, my wife won't be mine if I drink. And yesterday he was drunk. But this is not divorce. So this Cheikh who is here. What did he tell you? He said this is a legal divorce. No. We are going at 9:30. You see, no reason at all. Nawal also, her husband said, you won't be mine if Ethiopians don't divorce. Ethiopians have a different system. Nawal is Ethiopian. So she is Ethiopian? Yes. Don't listen to him. But I will check it for you. I will check for you, but tell me what happened with you. Tell me what happened. Do you want to know what happened with me ? Just tell me what happened with you! I was at home, and there was no problem at all, he came down and I told him we are waiting for you. He went to see a job, at the electricity of Lebanon, I told him I am waiting for you. He said yes, and we were sitting, me and the kids, and he came. He didn't look normal. He must have been drinking. I told him, but he said, "We are done." I said "What do you mean we are done, did you fight with somebody?" He said "No, you and me." I said, "With who are you done?" I took it as a joke. He said, "I promised myself that if I went back to drinking, you will be my divorcee, and I drank." I wasn't allowed to drink and I drank. No, no, this is not divorce. But I will check, but this is not a divorce. Not a divorce, no. I will know from him, but not a divorce. You might have to pray or fast for three days. One who swears, is a swear. Yes, it is a swear. Yes, this is not a divorce, because one time Mohammad did it, he just paid a sum. He paid a sum. Ah, so it happened to you before? Yes, once, a long time ago. Yes! Yes, Cheikh Saleh, Cheikh Saleh! Do you know Cheikh Saleh? Paying this sum, is it a swearing or a divorce? No, it is not a divorce. He said, "I swear you will be back to your mother's house." I went back there then, he took me there, but he paid a sum. Before you went there? He paid before you went there? No. You went and then he swore? He swore. Mohammad went there, he came, we went there. I was living in Hay Al Selloum, he told him you have to pay a Kafara. So, that's how it is. So, he told you, "You won't be mine if you go to your mother?" Yes, right. Let's see what will happen with us now. It is a regular thing now for men. I don't know. Like a piece of cake. I heard everything. Yes. Eat this. Give me, I will eat it. Mom, I have a back pain. Take out the slippers from here. Hamza, go wash your hands. Victory! Victory to Ghaza! You finished? Wear it, and go wash your hands. Drink! Drink! Water! Water!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 234
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 23, 2009

Jamila at home.

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