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Currrr reacts to german's results

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We are here to report the latest information of our positions We are holding the 1K turbos in most rooms and the PLO bot calculation is going according to plan. We are dominating every 60$ lobby in America's Cardroom and we are still battling for the 360$ hyper lobbies. This is great, we should gather a little bit more sample and then go straight to 1K hypers. Currrr, since yesterday... Since yesterday they are beating us for more than 3 chips per game and growing. Their 2.5x solutions are not even ready yet. Everyone leave the room except Kaitlyn, Ziroto, Kaffee and Torgoth. We were supposed to crush them! Thomas told me we would crush them! We have such an amazing software and their bot is made on Simple Postflop. Oh, this can't be happening . We beat the 60$ bots with 6 chips and they have extremely good strategy. The whole 1K cartel was completely lost against our unique sizings, they had no idea how to play! Currr, every solver shows that GTO only uses 2x open Fuck you with your GTO solvers! If I want I will make a strategy with 4x open. Currr, this is complete madness! The only thing that was required from you was to follow advice and cap them. One simple thing. You then overtake the iPoker lobbies and use all the fish money to cover for our rake. Our unique solver found the secret GTO, that no one knows, we open 2.5x, 2.25x and even minraise down to 7bb. I don't understand how they can beat us. I was so confident we were going to destroy them and those idiots just play their standard strategy vs 2X and beat us with 3 chips. My plan was perfect. And I myself...myself went to their team so I can scout their strategy. Go to hell all of you... You can't even organize 5 of you to show up every day on time. Even Jhub's armies manage to cap us in the recent days But you're all going to pay... You're going to play 6$ hypers if you have to. You're going to win me back everything. Don't worry, Alberie, at least you still have Stars. Everything is lost It is impossible to continue fighting like this. We are done. The war is over. And to think, that I was in the best team, I could have gotten 1K spot playing fish all day... Maybe they'll take me back.

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Posted by: jhub3ooo on Apr 10, 2018

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