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Tipos de Alumnos

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Mankind, naturaly curious... crosses through a stage in its development known by hardships and cruelty where only the fittest survives This stage is known as, the high school There is a common kind of student, which experts call: The Excused. Teacher, you can't imagine how much traffic there was. but I swear from now on I won't be late. Always has an excuse. My dog just died! Today's not Saturday? Halfway I had to return for my backpack And the backpack? Damn it! An extremely curious kind of student has been named as: Comet Halley Its presence is an event which a few have seen. Here! What? I said "here!" You? Here?! You never assist. Moreover, they put your photo all over the high school. —Why are you here? —My internet went off at home. Unlike the last kind, this one is easy to identify and find. Damn it! I won't finish, had to copy! Valencia, lend me your math homework! But Math is after recess, History is next. Oh, cool! For this kind, the words "home" and "work" aren't related. Damn it... History homework... —Sh! Shut up! It appears he forgot! —Oh nice! Teacher, don't forget to check the homework, ok? This kind is known as: Judas. Which for its own benefit can sacrifice the less fit. I almost forgot, you are absolutely right, Morales. You have two more points for your midterms. Its academic survival is inversely proportional to the socioaffective relationship with its fellow kind. Son of a b*tch! Which won't doubt to to demonstrate their unconformity. This stage, already hard, is also well known for its feared tests. For some, this passes simply like filling the Facebook status. I present you: The perfect student.

There is also the student who trusts in the abilities of others. This one is known as: The copycat. Move out! For some people the pressure is overwhelming . This is the case of the suffered student. -While for others… -I didn’t study anyway. At recess there is a type of student known for keeping food for himself. To this, we called: Eating loner It can also identify an underdeveloped species: the tipical bully with problems in his house… -But it's not worth it. -Hey! Why? -The most foolproof way to identify the student’s type is… -Let’s see… the grades. -Are the grades -Mayadares... 19 To the perfect student, a grade underneath outstanding is the begining of the apocalipsis. No! My scholarship went to hell! Perez… 16… pretty well Fort he lazy, to get a grade that doesn’t have a leading zero is a real personal triumph. Yes! Yeah! Oh sorry, that is not your grade. -And the student, whose life is like multiplication table 9 -16, another one to the pile -Not as easy or as difficult -Vedoya, 0.2 again… with this step will repeat the year… again. This type of students is called: the eternal, for whom repeat the course has become an Olympic sport. -Repetition is the spice of life, yes or what son!? -Yes daddy! But not all is presion during this period of time, as for a herd of elephant that are watching the end of the drought, at some point come the: vacations. And well, it looks like the last class of the year it’s over. And for this vacations I need you to solve the algebra exercises on page 5 to 146.

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Tipos de Alumnos

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