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Walk the Talk with Sadhguru -NDTV- Part 2

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Gupta : you went through a process of realisation ? Sadhguru: whatever you want to call it Gupta: Without the saadhana ? Sadhguru: That's what I said. I started my yoga, at the age of 11, and for the next 13 years, without a single day's break, I did this yoga. I was not given to such discipline usually. But, somehow this yoga happened as if it was happening from within me. Not like, I was doing it. Without a single day's break, it happened for thirteen years, It doesn't matter, where I was If I was trekking in the mountains, it happened If I was in a party, it happened. wherever I was, it always happened. I kept it up. Gupta: And you think that let to this realization or? Sadhguru: Definitely. Gupta: But this discovery, Sadhguru: It's based on that, that I formulated various systems where every human being can experience. Gupta: Because, your literature, describes, you as a realized master. Sadhguru: Realized ? yes. Gupta: And... Sadhguru: The only distinction between one human being and the other is, all of us have the same possibility either it is realized or not. That's the only question. Gupta: But, in your case it happened not necessarily with saadhana, going to the hills, praying for years, Sadhguru: See, there is a saadhana. Gupta: growing your beard. Sadhguru:See, whether Gupta: you know that happens if you don't do anything. Gupta: That is renunciation ? Sadhguru: No. Gupta: you did not renounce your family, your familiar.. Sadhguru: That's what I said. I never got identified with anything. Right. Gupta: As you went through this experience and as you evolve into what you are, you did raise a family ? Sadhguru: yes. Gupta: you did bring up a daughter Sadhguru: yes Sadhguru: She is turning eighteen Gupta: Eighteen, and you didn`t give up anything and go away in the hills or some place or.. Sadhguru: No, I've, I've embraced a million strong family. Gupta: yes Sadhguru: I'm not given up anything. Gupta: That's what I was saying, that your your mother would be very proud of you because you have a family of more than in million devotees and now, a wonderful center, here in Velliangiri foothills, but also, one coming up in Tennessee Sadhguru: Yes, Gupta: America? Sadhguru: We are coming up with a large center in Tennessee. Gupta: twelve hundred acres of.. Sadhguru: See, Tennessee of all the places upon.. Gupta: Because, Tennessee is very much, the heart of the Bible Sadhguru: Yes, it's a bible belt. Gupta: You are doing very well as a cult is, as a strange skier, and ... all kinds of things. Sadhguru: See, the word cult is very freely used word But, one thing that, one mistake that repeatedly spiritual teachers have done around the world is.. they want to form a community of their own. Gupta: right. Sadhguru: A world of their own. that's never been my thing. my thing is.. I am always encouraging and bringing people to embrace the world. Not to become a seperate island of your own. because, what's the point creating a world of your own. this really no point. and after all, the creator's creation is wonderful, you don't have to create something. we have a center, that's different. But, creating a community and a city, is a different thing. I never have such intentions, and that always leads to isolation and kind of freakish.. Gupta: If not... not the world u have created little... little domain and if not.. not your own.. maybe one for the creator which is where we go next now. your dhyanalinga temple. Gupta: Sadhguru, this is dhyanalinga ? Sadhguru: Yes. Gupta: The temple you built. I talked about building not a world of domain for yourself, but one for the creator Tell us about this. If you're long time doing this. This was also some kind of inspiration. Sadhguru: What we refer to as Dhyanalinga, is the very essence of yogic sciences This temple.. This temple is not created for worship or a ritual, This is purely for meditation. Gupta: Then, that in fact, there is no worship or ritual ? Sadhguru: There is no worship. no rituals nothing. Gupta: No chanting. Sadhguru: No. Sadhguru: It's in total silence always. Gupta: Right. Sadhguru: Nobody speaks in temple, it's always in silence. Sadhguru: See, all these buildings that you see here, they are not standing here, because of the strength of its material Gupta: Right. Sadhguru: It's all brick, lime and mud. Sadhguru: There is no cement, there is no steel in these structures. Gupta: I see. Sadhguru: And. they are not standing here because of the strength of the material. but, because of the perfection of the geometry. Gupta: Right Sadhguru: when you create a building, with concrete or steel, there is a tussle between the gravity and the building. One day, the gravity will win anyway. Here, there is no tussle. they are in, you know, they are in proper harmony Gupta: you've designed this. Sadhguru: Yes, they are in proper harmony. Sadhguru: they are in relaxation, there is no tension. I will say, the buildings themselves are meditating. That's how they are made. We are using the gravity to make the building stand. Gupta: you know, your talk is so contemporary. all time, it reminds me of something you said at World Economics Forum, Davos. there I heard you speak. you said that you now need contemporary wisdom with contemporary times Sadhguru: Isn't it ? why is it that people think that, two thousand years ago or five thousand years ago, Human beings were more intelligent that what they are today. It's a shame. Gupta: Because, we identified wisdom as ancient. Gupta: that they go together Sadhguru: So there can be no wise in the present ? Sadhguru: So, somewhere we believe, people of the past where more intelligent than us. Gupta: But, wisdom should be wisdom. Why should it change.? Why should it change with time? Sadhguru: That's what I am saying, Gupta: why ancient wisdom ? Why contemporary wisdom ? Sadhguru: See,wisdom may be contemporary or ancient. Sadhguru: Because, our life situations keep changing. And how you respond to that also has to change. So, I would say wisdom has to be contemporary. otherwise, if you, what you did, something that was wonderful ten thousand years ago, if you do it today, it would be ridiculous. Because, it would be totally out of sync, with what you have done now. Gupta: Can you give me an example or a couple of examples. Sadhguru: Any number of rituals we are doing, for example, many superstitions that where there here today, are all wonderful things at one time. They are out of time. For example, you know, In India, if a cat crosses a street, people park their cars even today. you know, why this happen. If you trek in this mountains, if a tiger comes, or any big cats come, like panther or tiger, it's a natural instinct for them. Whenever they cross an open space, after crossing the open space, they will sit there at the edge of the space, look back and cover their tracks. This is the natural instinct in the cat. So, if you are walking on a forest pathway, if you saw a big cat crossing, he will be sitting there. and you don't walk straight into him. you wait, because, he sits there for a minute checks his track and goes on. This is about big cats, not about house cat, not when he is crossing a highway and you are sitting in a car. Gupta: So that's how superstitions came into being. Sadhguru: Yes, most of the superstitions, at one time, were scientific facts for people who live in those times. Gupta: Right. Sadhguru: But we continue the same thing in exaggerated ways, today, it becomes a silly thing to do. Gupta: That's what you mean by contemporary wisdom ? Sadhguru: Yes. Gupta: And you know, the other thing that it feels me, you know, you know, we need many hours of talking about all these but another thing that it feels me. you talk of, life as a celebration, Sadhguru: Life? Gupta: And yet you say, for most people, death is a big relief Sadhguru: Even, if you are having a wonderful party, don't you want to close it sometimes? Gupta: But, no. I may take off.over too soon, whereas the next one Sadhguru: We don't want it to be over too soon. But, you want to end it somewhere. See, when you feel extremely happy, you know, you feel like ending everything. Gupta: But, you don't see a contradiction between the two things. Life being a celebration. Sadhguru: No, not at all. Gupta: Live the celebrate life. Gupta: and Death being a relief for most people. In fact, the exact line was "Death comes as a relief to most people". Sadhguru: Yes. Right now, most people are suffering their life one way or the other. They are carrying their life as a burden. For them also, it's a relief But if one becomes overburden with ecstasy, then also he wants to dissolve it, because he has seen it all. If you have not seen enough of life, you are hankering for life. If you've seen it all, then you want to pass on to the next step. Gupta: If that's why you are so different, you know, you ride a motor bike, you're wearing a dark glasses, you drive a land rover, Gupta: you dance at disco parties. Sadhguru: No. Gupta: Is it just a part of your brand image, Sadhguru: No. Gupta: Or is it to say you can be normal and spiritual. Sadhguru: See, spiritual is normal. If you're not spiritual, you're handicap. Gupta: Sadhguru, tell us about this place, is this such a wonderful tool ? Gupta: calm, serene place? Sadhguru: See, this is called as Theertakund. Sadhguru: Here, what you see there, is a solidified mercury linga. Gupta: Solidified mercury? Sadhguru: Yes. Sadhguru: A linga means an ellipsoid. why an ellipsoid is.. the core of every galaxy is an ellipsoid which is a common knowledge today. But, if your energies reach to your very highest peak, or pitch once again it becomes an ellipsoid, that means, the beginning of the universe starts as an ellipsoid and the dissolution also happens as an ellipsoid. So, an ellipsoid is seen as a doorway, to the beyond. Gupta: the other thing that it keeps pleases is the size of the rock remind me of the pyramid. I don't think I have seen bigger rock. Sadhguru: Pyramids were built for the dead. This is for the living. Gupta: I think that's a brilliant notes of a prudence. Sadhguru. Gupta: Wonderful to chat with you. I know that we did many many hours. We are going to work complex issue. Gupta: But before that, I have to be a little less illiterate about those Sadhguru: Come and walk sometime. No talking. Let's walk in the mountains sometime.

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NDTV Interview with Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center in India.

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