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Syndey White (2007)

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Your mom'd be so excited you're going her school , gonna join a sorority... I'm not in yet dad. (narrator) On a campus full of wannabes... Still the fairest of them all. Incoming moose missle! (narrator)...Sydney White was an original. I'm Tyler Prince. Theda president. Sydney White. No title. (narrator) But in a house where everyone is trying to fit in... Aaaah, we're going to be sisters! Yeah! OK, we're jumping now. (narrator) ...It's not always good to stand out. That girl is Not Kappa material. I think she's cool... and cute. I hereby dismiss Sydney White from the Kappa pledge class You will never be a Kappa. Do you need a place to stay? Yea. Guys - This is Sydney. Sydney, meet the guys. Hellooo! Ugh! [bark] [snore] [sneeze] Hi. (narrator) Now, she has the campus talking... Oh my god, Sydney's on the Hot List! This isn't happening. (narrator)...a prince courting... I'm starting to think I make you nervous. [nervous laugh] No. (narrator)...and seven outcasts... Hi ho. Hi ho. ...taking on the campus queen. [thud] Ow! Do you really want to spend the rest of your college years powerless? OK. No. We're gonna take the greeks down. yes. [♪ Stand up stand up ♪] (narrator)...Universal Pictures and Morgan Creek present... It's time to take back the school. ...A comedy about teaming up... Go Sydney! beat the elite. I am the last person you want to mess with. No. You're the first. [♪ stand up, stand up stand up, stand up ♪] Nooo! Sydney White must die a social death. (narrator) Amanda Bynes is... whoa! ...Sydney White. Hey Terrance. [clunk, clunk, clunk] Bye Terrance. [Captions by]

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Syndey White Captioned Trailer

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