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Marriage and Family class video

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Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey who was that? My dad What did your dad say? My dog died..... Oh well, at least you still have a cat right? Allen, all you gotta do is shake the little food bowl and he comes right at ya. Right? No? Why can't you be sensitive......? A cow.... It's purple, you like purple right? I like BLUE Well, it's blue and red right? I think, here's a cow happy? Thank you You're welcome Are you ready to go out and eat tonight? Ready to go? It's your favorite. Chinese, Panda? ya? It's just a dog. It was my favorite dog Well, at least you had him knowing he was alive for a little bit. NOT LONG ENOUGH! Wow, I'm sorry. Your really did like your dog didn't you? Yeah I'll take the cow away you don't want the cow, I'm sorry. Hey honey i got some really good news! yeah? Yeah, I got this promotion at my job because my assistant manager got fired and so one of the other guys moved up to assistant manager position so now I get a full time position. Cool Which means I'll make a lot more money and we can like do better We can pay rent, we might be able to get that new car, we can get that new dress you were looking at. Hey, hey new car, Carly got a new car today, look. But, but Katie Isn't it cool? Look Katie, Katie........ But.... the new car. But why aren't you respecting me? I'm telling you about my job I prefer that you respect me right now, you know? Listen to me alright? I'm sorry It's okay I forgive you I'm glad you go a new job... or a new promotion that's good You weren't even listening... Why don't you listen to me? You're not supporting me or anything.... I'm glad you go the promotion though. Thank you And yeah we can look into getting that new car and paying the rent next month so, good job! I hope we pay the rent for next month I do too I don't want to live on the street I'm proud of you Well, thank you, I appreciate you thinking of me and putting your phone down, it was really nice. It was really kind of you. You're welcome. I love you I love you too. Okay so, I know we just kind of had a little bit of a tough time and I'm really sorry, I wasn't thinking very sensitive to knowing your dog passed and I really apologize for that. I should've been kinder and nicer So, I'm really sorry. I know i should've been a little more empathetic and not just saying, you have another cat. But i understand your dog is really near dear to you and that you really love him and I'm sorry that he passed away and I promise we can go down to your parents house and we can go to his grave and you can put some flowers by it and we will spend the weekend doing that Okay? I'm sorry. Thank you and I'm sorry that I didn't respect you earlier and not listening to you about getting a promotion but your ideas were best. So, I'm really I'll try to do better next time It's okay I forgive you, I just think we both need more time listening to each other more and I need to respect you and respect your wishes and your family up-bringing and I know that I'm not as sensitive so, I I need to work on that and I know in the bible it talks a lot about Jesus leading the people well and that's kind of my role to lead you well and I wasn't so, I'm really sorry and I promise I'm going to do better at it Okay Clayton: I love you Katie: I love you

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Posted by: molinadestiny23 on Nov 3, 2016

Will be taken down after it has been handed into class :) sorry guys!

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