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I don’t want name drop, but the other day I was in New York. I was in New York with work and I had to get from a station in New York called Penn Station to Philadelphia I arrived there really early in the morning and I found that all the trains were booked, and I had no means of getting to my meeting in Philadelphia, which is about a couple of hours away. So, I thought I know I will just phone the person that I am supposed to be seeing, I have got a number for them, and then I ran out of data and my phone provider told me I could no longer use my phone in the US. I was stranded. I didn’t have a ticket, I didn’t have a train I could get on and I didn’t have a means of contacting the person I was supposed to be seeing and I didn’t know what to do, I was at an end. And then there was this guy who was just sitting by the ticket office, he could have been homeless and he told me that what I needed to do was get a different train, a train to Trenton and a train on from there. So that’s what I did. I don’t know if you know that feeling that you know you need help and you don’t know where it is going to come from. Today we think about help, and we think especially about a story that Mark tells in the second chapter of his Gospel. It’s a great story full of drama, these four friends have taken their friend whose paralysed on a matt and they have taken him to Jesus but they can’t get him to Jesus because the house is completely crowded, so they take him up the side of the house, one story houses in those days, and they make a whole in the roof and lower him down, goodness knows what he thought whilst he was being lowered down and when he arrives in front of Jesus he was healed. There’s people we can help the whole time and we can get help from people the whole time, like I got help from that guy who was probably homeless. But the greatest thing we can do, the biggest help we can be to our friends is to take them to Jesus. We don’t have to do everything, we don’t have to be Jesus and say the words of Jesus and try and do the things that only Jesus can do, he’s the saviour but what we can do we can do everything we can to take our friends to Jesus, even if it’s taking the roof down, even if it’s in the crowded place not knowing what else we need to do but what we need to do is try and make that encounter possible, to make that introduction possible. So think today who is it that you are called to help in taking to Jesus it will be the best thing and thing they will be most thankful for in the whole of their lives.

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