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Mingmar Lama - Tsum Valley, Nepal - Nepali (Global Lives Project, 2013) 18:00:00 - 18:29:59

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I am going to show.—You can't play like that. Because I only have one good hand. Look here. This is only the good card. Then i will rearrange according to your cards.—OK. You won.—I will for sure! Because i have good straights. Here...look here. Look here.—All of them are not straights. Look here. Ten, Eleven and twelve...And a pairs... It's four each. One, two, three... This time i don't have good cards. Kumar, are you ready?—Yes. You know this one? I won. What's your last hand?—Queen. I didn't win all the hands. One, two, three, four... OK. Sometimes i get different cards. I'll win all the hands.—Are you sure. —Yes. I dealt so it's your turn.—Don't swap. What is this? Is it a straight? You show first. I won...i won. Later you can fix the tea. Put some water. You can drink hot water.—It's good to fix tea. Now you are finished! Did you put butter?—I might. Who's knife is this?—It's mine. Did you deal?—Yes. —No, I dealt! I won the game. My straight will win.—No. My straight will. I didn't understand.—I'll judge. Is this higher or that one?—This is higher. I won.—Yes...yes. I have straight. Six, seven and eight... He has five. Oh no! Any way i won. Do fast.—OK. Too bad. I don't have good card. It's my turn to start. —Wait, i am not ready. OK, i am ready. It's your turn to start. I know you have color. I'll win for sure. Here. I also have color. Show me yours. I win this hand.—Yes you did. I have two.— Can you get higher than ace? Can you? It's a Kitti. We win two times If we win in Kitti.— OK. Deal them. Flush is much entertaining. Are you ready?—Yes. You have straight?—I have color. The i will win for sure in Kitti game. I have king.— Do you have ace? —Really? You won this Kitti game. Now i have eight points. — You had five points earlier right? What's my point?—Count yourself. I won two kitti games.—You just won one now. This time also you are lost.—Really? Let's see. I will arrange better. I will win all the hands. How old are you Mingmar?—Wait. Let's start.—You start. This is useless hand.—I won. This is a tie. Show your last hand. This is a tie game. It's kitti! ...five, six, seven...eighteen. I have seen commando movie. The actor is so handsome. You won.—Did i? Let's calculate our points.—You won this kitti game. You have eight points and i have nine. I'll have good card.—One, two, three...Don't cheat. KL tower in Chabil has good cinema hall. Is there a big big hall?—Yes, it has. It's smaller then city center. But it has small building.—But it has big space inside. Building is tilted. I am scared. Let's start.—It's your turn.—It's yours. You won.—I have ace. I have nice points now. Hey, are you ready?—It's your turn. You won. I will win easily.—Also kitti. What is your last hand? Is this enough. Do you have king or ace? I'll win anyway. Write down my points. That hotel doesn't make good food. Have you had one that across the river? —You mean one up the hill? ...Four, five, six...eighteen. oh! You mean that one. It's not spacious. What is this?—This is a three of a kind. I don't know were he stays. He stays at the shop. Either i'll win or its a kitti. Are you dreaming to win?— Yes! Let's start. I dealt. You won. You can't rearrange now. You won. I have a king.—You won! I also have ace. Now i have eleven points. Do i have nice points?—Your's ten. What else game do you know?—Lets continue this. Can you pour some water? Do we have to deal ten cards in other games? Let's play that game.—We don't have enough cards. Very confusing card. Don't cheat like that. Mingmar likes Darke's sister. Is she here at the camp? Shall i start the game?—OK You were scared. I won. Show your second hand. —You won the second hand. I won this one. Do you have twelve point?—Yes. You are cheating!—I had eleven before. You are very clever. You are cheating me. This is my first three cards. Very good cards! OK...Let's see my second hand. I know you only have one good hand.—Are you sure? Let's play with only one hand.—No! I will only show one hand.—You are clever. Keep quiet. You can also show one hand. You should pack your cards if you show one hand. Are you going to show one hand only?—Yes Then i will win straight away. Let's play then. You can't do that.—I already won. You have eleven.—Add two points.—OK, twelve. One, two, three...seventeen, eighteen. Don't show your card. You won again.—OK, right my points. Write fourteen points.— I won't give up. Don't touch the rest of the cards. I am thinking. Aren't you ready? Who dealt?...I did. I won. What's your last hand?— I have a king. Really?—Yes.— Then you won. Does the girls get beautiful if they eat corn?—They get fat. Their faces are fairer. But the gals from your village looks red face. Because they eat meat. Then how does gals from your village look? They are all skinny! They work too hard. Nile and Ripchet villagers works very hard. Because single crop in grown in a year. I have fourteen points. All the villages are good. We have good houses like, two... ...sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. His villagers are very strange. But you have hard times with cattle. We have lots of grazing area. Tsekya, fujun....these are our grazing areas. Fujun is our grazing area.—It can't be. He's a day dreamer. —Ask your father. Forget what he says. You might not know. Your parents will know. I'll win you with this card. Are you ready? This is the reality but i want your grazing land. You are asking more land along with Tseka and Fujun? Here's my hand! That was ours. You didn't give us. We charge fees for grazing your cattle. Don't you give money to us for the grass? Thats our land so you have to pay fees. Don't talk about that stuff.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Producer: Rinzin Lama
Views: 60
Posted by: globallives on Nov 7, 2013

Mingmar and Kumar continue to play cards while his cousin and his friend Ngodup chat.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Mingmar Lama.

This video was produced by Rinzin Lama, Andrew Mahlstedt, Dawa Yakpa, Yog Shakya, Tenzin Norbu, Ravi Shrestha, Karma Ghale, Santa Bahadur Tamang, Arjun Magar, Tenzin Norbu, Thepe Tamang, Maila Tamang, Santosh, Jit Bahadur Gurung, and Kancha Tamang.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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