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C6L2 Coil on Two Handers

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Alright lets check out how we can tighten the coil on the effortless backhand. You can see here with Sam a very small stroke with the racket and the arm produces big power and no wobble. Look how steady that hit is upon contact. Its really been an illusive thing to teach the two hander but its really a matter of tightening your coil just like on the forehand and we will show you how its done. Take a look slow motion here at Warren from above. The first thing you want to do is move the hips and line up your body we know that right. You also want to set your racket head forward see that its above the 45 degree angle there and then you want to start to tug against it with your hips so you use your racket head as leverage. You pull against that with your hips, so thats how you start to tighten the coil. Your coil deepens, look at the ball see its there at the top of the screen. Its in the shot and Warren is still getting into his deep coil see that. Now he shifts and there is a transition and look how quickly the racket head comes around and through. Its like he is snapping a towel behind him and the racket snaps back and through the stroke with infinite speed. There is no way to possibly do this with just your arm, shoulder and will power. You have to have this correct technology and you have to build the tension throughout the stroke and that way you are not looking for power towards the middle to the end of the stroke. You know over rotating your shoulders or leaning forward too much. Look how relaxed Warren is here and balanced. Look at his vertical access and his arm is just catching up to his hips see this and then it flys. There is the transition you saw it right there from concave to convex and that happens so quickly that you will see here when I play it in super slow motion. It happens so quickly in two frames the racket head goes from back to through the hit. More importantly look how balanced he is. All that racket head speed his body is very still in the middle of it all. So the power is innately in the stroke and if you do it properly through tension and then that contrary motion you are always pulling against the hips. This fellow is an interesting player he has a beautiful, look he gets up on one foot his hips are back and already the come through and look at his racket its still going back. Its pressing forward but its going back and his hips have come through so watch the infinite speed here on this transition. Ok look at that he is coiled still and right there is that wet towel effect. Thats where the tension increases it really doubles at that point and then the racket comes very quickly once again you can see with a lot of stability. There isn't a great two hander alive that doesn't utilize these geometric principles and the tightening of the coil. Look how Djokovic, look at his hips they are all the way around. I mean they are literally side ways to the net almost. Look at his racket head pressed forward in front of his front foot and now he goes in for one last one. You can see he has a short ball here. He has decided to take a little more hip rotation deeper in the coil. Look at his racket its still way in front of him, way far from his head and now when he shifts his hips thats when the racket appears to go back and through. Its all that tension built up from the beginning.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 18, 2014

Tighten your coil on the two-hander.

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