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Rub & Yawn Ad

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Hi. Anthony Sullivan here for the amazing Rub & Yawn mental energy flush technology. Rub & Yawn can help with short-term issues. For example... Feeling bad after an argument you just had with your partner. But it can also help with ...long-term issues, like an unhappy childhood. Maybe... ...a loved one went away and you feel very sad whenever things remind you of him or her. Work issues . . . trouble over a relationship . . . lots more Scientists don't agree on how it works. But one New Age weirdo said this: Unpleasant memories have heavy, sticky, bad energy attached to them. Woo woo. For example, a person lost their cherished pet. When reminded of the loss... Pictures of the loss crowd in around her head and the heavy, sticky energy presses in on her. It's hard to think of anything else. But now she can use the unique Rub & Yawn energy flush to get rid of the bad, sticky, heavy energy and replace it with good, dry, light energy. It won't bring back the pet, but when reminded of the pet the soggy, sticky, energy is not there any more. She can think fondly of the pet, and a moment later she is free to think of something else. This revolutionary new mental technology is easy to use. There are three main parts. (1) While doing the special visualization techniques with your mind, you simply... ...(2) RUB to get energized and (3) YAWN to flush out some of the bad energy. (1) VISUALIZE . . . (2) RUB . . . (3) Y-A-W-N... ...(1) VISUALIZE . . . (2) RUB . . . (3) Y-A-W-N. You should notice a difference after only ONE session. You can do as many sessions as you like, whenever you like, in your own home. This is a self-help DVD, and not a substitute for professional mental care. You do it at your own risk. For only $19.99, it's much cheaper than even one professional session. There's a 90-day money back guarantee. Order today and blow your socks off! [Check for availability.]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 12 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Producer: Paul Adams
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Posted by: yawnguy on May 30, 2010

How Rub & Yawn works. Maybe. This was a submission to Sullivan Productions. They ignored it. :)

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